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  • raul raul Mar 18, 2009 22:19 Flag

    Having read a few threads on this. Who is in agreement.

    1. they have proved that this year but we were cutting it close.
    2. needs to yeah one centre back and one DM (David Silva or alonso) but not to go begging though.
    3. i have changed eboue to stay, bendtner yeah and Ade hate to say it need santa cruz(cheaper) or david villa (expensive) no one else not even gallas he will go on his own.
    4.no but minimum
    5.we have probably one of the best managers in the world right now. who can take his place really.

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    • . The Arsenal squad is well equipped to cope with a full season campaign, inclusive of a long run the CL? Growing experience of young players means that we should be able to cope, but not win it.

      2. AW needs to sign one or two players in the summer? Yes, central defensive and a quality CM.

      3. AW needs to get rid of one or two players in the summer? (Feel free to list your choices, but no more than two) Hmmm.. not sure. We need more O'Shea's at this club - squad players who can do a job when needed.

      4. As a supporter we should be happy with obtaining fourth spot in the EPL? We should be seriously challenging for the title - if this sometimes means 4th then as long as we've put up a good fight, unlike this season.

      5. As a supporter we should be happy that we have a great manager even if we don't come close to winning silverware again this year? A great manager is enough as long as development of the team is noticeable and we believe that we will win the EPL in the near future.

      6. As a supporter, we should be able to ask difficult questions the way the club is being run between ourselves, if only to obtain a concensus opinion of how we are doing? Absolutely - the club is the fans as well as the players, manager, and board.

      7. As supporters, we should be allowed to rejoice when we win an important game? Absolutely! I'll do it regardless of whether I'm allowed.

      8. As supporters, we should be allowed to question why we haven't won easier games? Of course - we need to see that lessons are being learnt and the team is moving ahead. We do finance them after all.

      9. As supporters of football, we should be able to comment objectively on other teams performances (whether it be with humour/banter chucked in or not)? What - without being called a plastic or a Manc fake? Certainly not!!!