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  • John John Mar 18, 2009 23:23 Flag

    Having read a few threads on this. Who is in agreement.

    1. The Arsenal squad is well equipped to cope with a full season campaign, inclusive of a long run the CL? The last few season have proved that we cannot. We have continued to fall short of a sustained challenge to the EPL, while trying our damnest to win the other big cups.

    2. AW needs to sign one or two players in the summer? We do need a quality DM & a CB

    3. AW needs to get rid of one or two players in the summer? (Feel free to list your choices, but no more than two) Bendtner.

    4. As a supporter we should be happy with obtaining fourth spot in the EPL? This year, after the start we had, probably. But this should not be the norm. We should not be chasing a position in the top four.

    5. As a supporter we should be happy that we have a great manager even if we don't come close to winning silverware again this year? Top three in the EPL, CL Semi's & FA Cup Final should be our benchmark.

    6. As a supporter, we should be able to ask difficult questions the way the club is being run between ourselves, if only to obtain a concensus opinion of how we are doing? Absolutely. If we didn't we would be blind fools.

    7. As supporters, we should be allowed to rejoice when we win an important game? Absolutely, regardless of how we win it too.

    8. As supporters, we should be allowed to question why we haven't won easier games? The run of goaless draws was heartbreaking. We have the quality, but lacked the finish. Very frustrating as a supporter.

    9. As supporters of football, we should be able to comment objectively on other teams performances (whether it be with humour/banter chucked in or not)? I try to refrain from posting on other boards. I accept that there will always be some that will only target to begin an argument but they don't bother me at all. Others offer a outside viewpoint that quite often has validity, even though we may not like it.

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