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  • The Londoners The Londoners Mar 23, 2009 02:59 Flag

    Wenger: 'I didn't see it'.......AGAIN!

    Cut it out dream. You're digging yourself a hole you can't climb out of here. Why is everything f and c with you ? One would hope that you never used that language at home, so why with us ? It doesn't make you sound seriously hard, just desperate for attention. You are using a great mans image as a logo, the least you can do is try to live up to it.

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    • Its your opinion that this language is foul, and its your prerogative to be a condescending pr*ck, but mine is the opposite.

      They are just words, maybe If I had gone to a private school and had mummy pack my lunches maybe I would have turned out different, but better?

      Either way, you don't get to judge mate, you dont get to say whats right or wrong, sorry to break it to you!

      My advice, dont be so f*cking precious you soft c*nt. Typical gooner. Definitely queer.