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    Bendtner is ahead of schedule


    Forget what the insatiable board moaners and their mancs IDIOTS are telling us.

    I'm not saying Bendtner is a finished article just yet, far from it. But reading the unfair criticisms of the boy's talents make one wonder if these people are that knowledgeable about their subject matter, (even Steve Bruce, a professional manager, does recognise the boy's talents) as par Paul C early post on this topic.

    Name me any FOURTH ranked striker in the top 4 sides who has scored as many goals as Bendtner this season? 6th of the season for him thus far - not bad for a 4th ranked striker.

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    • My issue with Bendtner is not the fact that he misses chances.

      Its the way he misses them and the manner in which he conducts himself.

      When you put a young striker in the starting eleven they are given a chance and shown great faith by their club. If they play and have a bad game or miss a few sitters you can see that they are generally really upset with themselves.

      From a fans point of view and anyone who actually has a clue about football you can genuinely see they have the talent despite the bad game or any naievity that might show on the pitch.

      With Bendtner he shows arrogance even when he is having a terrible game.

      He has made statements saying he deserves to start every game, the pink boots, the spat with Adebayor!

      On his day he is a good striker, he can cause problems and effect a game but in his position i think he needs to be a bit more grateful to be given the chance and look like he is trying to learn from his team mates and other players in the premier league.

      At he moment its his body language and his attitude that is the problem.

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      • Guys let us not give too much stick to these kids, they still have to learn. I also get annoyed at how this boy misses and the more he misses, the more chances Wenger gives him. But I have come to realise that with more chances given to these young lads like Denilson, Song and Bendtner, they can improve and up their games. Of course they need not blwo their own trumpets and be a little more aggressive and hungry to win the ball and create chances. Let us also remember that Bendner has scored very crucial goals for us this season. As for RVP, he is the best striker that we have at the moment. He may not score but he does create chances, look at the Diaby and Nasri goals against Newcastle. These young boys need to learn from what Messi does, especially Vela who I see as a very talented player who at times seems confused. the only young player that I have seen taking on opponents is Wilshere, this kid is just courageous and I wish Mr Wenger gave him an ooportunity in the EPL one day. he is a brave lad.

    • Slayer you are just being contrary playing up to the likes of Dodge.

      However, I have to say I like the fact he has tried harder in the last few games, that deserves some credit.

      I still don't think he's good enough though, and really you have a golden opportunity here seeing as I was the one singing about his potential in the beginning.

      Can't believe you missed that opportunity.

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      • I dont understand the phrase 'ahead of schedule'? Just because he is young does not mean we have to accept his many misses and bad touch.

        Bendtner is likely going to be a steady good player in the future as long as he makes the right improvements. However, he has been an international for about 2 years or more; and being a 4th striker does not mean we expect less from him when he find himself the main or second striker.

        Bendtner is doing well but this idea of being ahead of schedule is too much of a cop out - he is an arsenal player and he does get lots of chances to put the ball into the back of the net - 6 goals is not a great return for his many starts.

    • With Ade & Dudu out for such long periods, and for the amount of opportunity he has in comparison to many other so called "4th Ranked Strikers" 6 goals is piss poor.

      It's not his scoring ability that's been questioned, it's his ability to miss that's been brought to the forefront.

      Sure he did well with Birmingham, but most 'Premiership' players would do well in the Championship.

    • Name me a 4th ranked striker who has played as much as him IDIOT!?

      He's rubbish, FACT, no way near good enough to lead the line for a title winning side, and regardless of whether he is 1st or 4th ranked, he still plays for you and leads the line on occasion, you are trying to dress up a turd!