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  • lex lex Apr 5, 2009 15:21 Flag

    Matches til the end of the season

    so it Porto then
    Gave me a giggle early this morning, Gunner abroad I know Man U seem to be having a bit of an unseasonal blip which they haven't done at this time of the season for a while, Now who was it hauled back a 12 point deficit??? oh yes it was US The Arsenal.
    I dont really see them loosing to Porto over two legs though do you? in all seriousness.
    so it looks like we are going to spend the end of the season playing Man ure

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    • well, lets look at the stae of play, utd are playing today at 4pm , they have half the team out, they will have a day and a half rest till the porto game on tuesday. i would say there up against it if villa beat them today, that would make the players delflated for tues game. also knowing liverpool are top wont help. to be honest, i can another 2 weeks of upsets in utd. if they lose today, that will be the final nail in the coffin. trust me, i said 3 weeks ago on here, that utd will have 3 bad weeks, and look what has happened.