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  • I'm talking about the Cesc rumours.

    Great if he stays (if he puts the effort in).

    Otherwise, I'd put AA in his place and we won't miss him. In fact I think we will be stronger.

    I suspect that when AW bought AA he had Cesc's possible departure in the back of his mind.

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    • "These players have little or no loyalty." ?

      Cuts both ways.

      It's the same "little or no loyalty" which brought Arshavin, Nasri, to name but a few players, to us. After 5 mostly productive years in the side I won't hold it against Cesc if he ever decides to call it a day in the prem. Hopefully, we will get more than enough money for him to enable us to replace him in the long-term if he leaves.

    • Who CARES if Cesc goes?!

      Am I reading this right?!

      AA is his replacement is he, a 28 year old unproven in this league?!

      Ive seen it all now!

      I hope this is some form of 'self preservation' Glitch, knowing that he is going soon and if you dont bury your head in this ludicrous denial you will only cry yourself to sleep every night?!

      Have I stroked a nerve there maybe?

      Cesc is your ONLY world class player, and when he's on form, your side is a VERY different proposition to this joke we've seen the past 4/5 years!

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      • "Cesc is your ONLY world class player, and when he's on form, your side is a VERY different proposition to this joke we've seen the past 4/5 years!"

        Most would argue Ronaldo is your ONLY world class player as you well know, cesc ours??? every bit as Ronaldo is Uniteds only W.C.P. .........your having a laugh.

        As for this Joke of a team of the past 4/5 years?? If you say so, we,re not far behind you lot IF behind at all, you may have the silverware to argue your point and thats fair enough but on our day you know as well as me we can pee all over United as we have proven.
        Arsenal have had a bad rub of the green recently and thats a fact, we,ll come good and we are definately NOT a joke of a team. Nothings won yet and if it wasnt for Ronnie at the weekend we would be able to hear your bums squeaking from london, Ronnie goes and you lot WILL struggle as you well know.

      • "Ive seen it all now!"

        Only on TV, internet and the newspapers!

        You need to get out more.

        Your only "world class" player is off the Madrid in the summer :-)

    • We HAVE to try to keep Cesc IMO. Cesc is special in many ways to the team and now with AA, Nasri and a relatively injury free RVP, a complete season of these guys together would be much better then with out Cesc.

      True Cesc might have faded a bit late in seasons and have struggled to come back to his best after the Euro '08 but a lot of that had to do with the load on his shoulders of a team ever lighter on substance, now with the maturity of AA, Nasri having a complete season under his belt and RVP also staying fir for most of the season, we have the potential to finaly be deep enough to let Cesc arrive in the final part of a season with relatively freash leggs and a freash mind.

      To let him go would be a mistake IMO. We need depth if we want to compete on all fronts.

    • I would love to know how they made these tables since clubs in italy don't even own there own ground so there actual assets are only the player contracts and sponsership deals all these tables look of to me as that never seems to be taken in to acount that there entire buisness could be reliant on their local/natioal goverment letting them use the grounds for a pittance

    • Do you buy a newspaper because it has an Arsenal story in it?

      Most of those on the waiting list are broadsheet reading, prawn sandwich eaters!!

      The players want to win trophies and the top players want to win the CL. If they think there is more chance elsewhere and there is an increase in wages thrown in they'll be off.

      These players have little or no loyalty.

      I hope Cesc stays, but a regular place in the Barca first XI must be tempting if we don't make top 4.

    • Sorry risker, the below AUTHORITATIVE link tell a different story and contradicts your assertion.


      It shows clearly that Arsenal FC are financially stronger than both Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

      I hope the painstaking work Forbes did in compiling that stats will help to change the popular misconceptions about the financial standing of AFC for good.

    • you've already raised that point before slayer and i've told you : bayern and milan are both bigger financially and in popularity.Our club has become just a tunnel to reach the big teams. It's no coincidence that they play well in the CL and the big games when everybody's watching...It's sad but true.

    • edit (correction):

      After more than 10 consecutive seasons in CL football (Europe)

    • Bendtner you mean?
      He is not good enough.

      Cesc? He commanded the middle of the park. A major problem when he was away.

    • He put the effort in today.

      Some great vision, movement and passing.

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