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  • tony a tony a May 7, 2009 00:21 Flag


    Admit it Wenger! You've got it wrong these last 4/5 years.
    Buy some British players who'll pass on a bit of grit & passion into the foreign lightweight faires at this club!
    Where's our Gerrard, Carrager, Terry, Lampard, Rooney, Ferdinand, Giggs, Scholes, etc,etc,etc.
    Come on Wenger! The above players pass on their passion for the club to players like Ronaldo, Vidic, Ballack, Torres,etc,etc.
    It seems to me that recent/present players at Arsenal use this club as a stepping stone to other clubs when it suits them. The clubs they move to always seem to be in Spain or Italy so it prooves that not only Arsenal but England seems to be just a transition for them.
    How many times have Lampard, Scholes, Giggs,Terry, Gerrard, Carrager, Ferdinand,etc,etc, played for a club outside of ther UK! Yes,ZERO! It seems to me that they're happy playing in England for great clubs who they feel a loyalty and passion for!
    We need some players who feel pride to represent a British/English club wether it's in the League,Cup or Europe.
    Come on forget all of the 'IT DOES'T MATTER WHERE THERY COME FROM' cr*p! IT DOES!
    If you want players who feel pride for their CLUB, look at Gerrard,Terry and Lampard. Now look at Adabayor & the rest here!
    I'm sorry but you can't argue with the last sentence can you!! Or the rest!
    I've written facts here! I'm not trying for that racist hate cr*p!

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