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    That defines our season..UNLUCKY not to win


    No slip-ups thank Goodness, and we were the better side throughout the 93 minutes on their own turf, Well done ARSENAL.

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    • I thought Arsenal showed guts and character overall, won a little pride back. But it did seem we were in top gear and they were in second.

      Can't take away that that was a ballsy performance though.

    • As a Utd fan..it was all about getting a result today...you did play better,....but that's how Utd have been all season...not great....and i do find they give the ball away a lot in midfield...you have Alshaven,Fabgras,Van Persie,etc...and actually think you have a better midfield.but you'r not behind,just need to improve your squad,and the 4-4 draw at anfield you got helped take the pressure off us....and was a major turning point for us....so as well as us.. good luck with the Prem next year.....as long as it aint the scousers...

    • Yeah, it can't be nice as a young player having a wall of criticism coming down on you, but you know what they say if it doesn't kill you....

      One thing I know is that AW's loyalty to these kids is unquestionable and he will always fight their corner, I have a feeling if we keep AW (and for me I hope he is permanently embedded into the club) then we will hold onto most of them for as long as AW wants them.

    • Personally i dont think we ever really saw what this team is TRULY capable of this season.

      1. Gallas as captain, didnt work, whole team was affected, early season fecked.

      2. Fans on players backs, due to the above, Eboue booed first game back etc, mid season fecked also.

      3. Players BADLY affected, loss of form and confidence at an all time low, Van Persie's drop in form began in this period, even left out of games he had become so bad for example, Wenger would tell you Adebayor suffered greatly due to fan pressure dont blow a gasket, its a credible argument, he was a different player last season.

      4.Injuries, to key players en masse for periods.

      Wenger and the players have had a LOT of critics this season, he has come out on more than one occassion asking for "more support" from the fans and "patience" and i for one believe he has a bloody good point.

      I have said it before, but once again, how many games did we drop due to fan pressure? my guess, is a fair few this season.

      Wenger has my vote, at this point in time he has made us into one of the top four clubs in europe, if nothing else.

    • men against boys ....(man utd men , Ar5ena1 boys ) yeah that defines your season ...well short on trophies .....at least the ladies did you proud

    • I have never minded AW's experiment...in fact I have been let down more by the more established players this season Gallas at the begiining of the season.....Toure lost form and by the time we were able to get going the season was lost..

      Then Ade all season long has been a liability....

      Diaby I really had very high hopes for ...but I am beggining to feel he will never get there...don't forget its his 3rd season....and you can see developments in the others Denilson Song etc...but Diaby only really had 1 good game all season at Fenerbache maybe Villa away...FOR A WHOLE SEASON!!! he has either been very very poor or just below average....I have listed his weaknesses above and though good on the ball...he doesn't really have it to make it at the top level....

    • If nothing else i hope it shows we are a bloody good team, not far off ManU at all.

      ManU played "on edge" today though and that was a factor, what is on the teams mind affects how they play.

      I hope Arsenal fans remember that next season.

      Confidence IS key.

      Berating your own team/staff does nothing at all to help results on the pitch and maybe, just maybe we would of pushed United a lot closer if we on the whole had shown more confidence,belief and faith this season.

      I wonder what is going on with Adebayor, anyone heard?

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      • "If nothing else i hope it shows we are a bloody good team, not far off ManU at all." Not far off, is an accurate assessment. But then, Not Far Off is also Not Close Enough!

        Confidence is definitely a key. But honestly, ManU were not really going for it today. To judge the two teams by today's performance would be silly. We have played 4 games over the whole season. The goal tally stands at 5:3 with ManU winning 2, losing 1 and drawing 1. And that is a true reflection in the difference in strength.

        But the most crucial difference between us has been, that we have lost points against lower teams. The lower teams have a feeling, they can stop us playing a certain game. While against ManU they know they only have a chance if, ManU play badly or they get lucky!

        And then mentally we are not the strongest. We never look likely to comeback from 1 or 2 goals down. And the mental make-up is brittle because we have a young squad.

        Next season the key will be to begin well. That means winning against the smaller teams and getting qualified for the CL. We have a decent squad. And we have the option to make it stronger. At least we should be trying! If we don't then it is our (read as AW's) fault we falter.

        AW is a great manager but his loyalties to his young players is irritating at times. And I am talking about Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner in particular. They start too many matches than they should. I would like to see Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere given more chances in the EPL next season. And not just in the CC.

        We are a good team and on our given day, a match for any side. But because we are young, we will be inconsistent. And because we are young we will take time to pick up the pieces every time we falter. So I desperately hope Wenger does what he has been saying now, buy some GOOD experienced Players. We need those kind of guys for the next one or 2 years till our boys come good.

        Hoping for the best next season!

      • Confidence is key......but Man U were tentative becos well for them it was sqeaky bum ...they just wanted a pont so they didn't have to play their 1st team before the CL...

        As for Ade I hope he never wears the shirt again ...he is a disgrace ...he showed he did not care in the FA cup and CL SF our 2 biggest games...I would give him to milan even for free...

    • The bottomline is that nobody ever doubted our ability...it is big characters that are missing from the team...on or 2 players who will refuse to be beaten....like how Gerrard drives his team...

      The bottomline is that this was a nothing game ...no pressure on us...and equally Man U did not have to win...AW knows if Man U had to win today on last day of the season to win the title they will....qed...

      The problem is the crunch games when ur season or evrything riding on it ...they have the mental stregth over us at the mo...

      ...Cesc sees the pass and not too bad in a tackle......and for goodness sake What does AW see in Diaby...the guy never sees a pass and can not execute..how can he be a midfielder...Denilson sees but can not execute....Song good at shielding...but we still lack someone who can really tackle and can pass....its still missing at the mo...

    • Oh, you have to remember, for ManU draw was the only result they were interested in today. They needed only that and hence their emphasis was on defence. They set out for a draw and they got it.

      We should have done more. We need a better supporting striker for RVP. Hopefully Eduardo can do the job next season. Arsenal playing with one striker, while helping us dominate the midfied, leaves us weak in front of goal. It's obvious RVP is at his best playing with a striker than alone.

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