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    • Yeah - that kit in 80 was silky for the 1st time I think.

      I remember watching that CWC game on the box - Brady missing a pen, then Mario Kempes (star of the 78 world cup), and then Graham Rix.

      I don't think Rixy ever recovered from that game, and fans started to get on his back.

      I was 8 when we played West Ham - when we lost I burst into tears. I remember my dad pointing at the TV, and saying "Look... Pat Jennings isn't crying - it's okay".

      My old man looked close to tears himself though!!!

    • That's exactly the game that I was referring to, Paul. I was there the year before against Liverpool as well... you used to have to cut all of the coupons out of the matchday programme and stick them onto a sheet to get your ticket!!!

      When the final whistle went, I threw my flag down the terrace in disgust. I remember seeing it arc through the air and hit some copper on his helmet - at that point I my a dive for the exits. Oh dear - my reckless days!!!

    • Best day, beating Man U in 79.

      Watched it at a friends, i was 9, told the ice cream man at half time with a grin "Arsenal are winning two nil"

      Devastation when they banged in the two goals taking it ti 2-2 right at the death, and then........

      Sheer CLASS, hell i was a mix of Bradys rolled down socks and shirt outside the shorts and Sunderlands Afro and tash! lol

    • The best night ever was a Wednesday My Uncles all had a ticket but I was not allowed to go the that ground !! by my Mum
      My dad did not get a ticket as he had an early start for work that week and had to get up at 4am

      Arsenal V spuds would we win the league and go on to do the Double at wembley?
      I had got a ticket for the cup final but not the midweek match I was around 12 yrs old
      Dad tried to find the match on the radio but somehow it seems worse I hate listening to Arsenal on the Radio even now i can never make out if we are in trouble or the commentator is exaggerating I went to bed i couldn't bear it i stuffed my head under the pillow but did not sleep I heard a great yell of YES thas it their stuffed and got up to the sight of Mum and Dad jigging around the lounge
      We had won beaten Spuds to take the league title on the old enemies ground nothing tasted sweeter except the win at old Tramshed a few years later

    • If we have Lost I dont buy papers!!!

    • P.S. That C.W.C Final was Bradys last game and he played shite i believe, i was allowed to stay up late and watch as i always was the Arsenal games.I booed my eyes out when Brady left and i dont mind admitting i would probably feel the same when Wenger has his final day.

      Bergkamp is the only other Arsenal man for me that i put in the same bracket as Brady and Wenger.

    • I wasnt there in 89 no, i dont know the reason why not.

      I remember i watched that game on a t.v someone had rigged up in a car outside a pub though and also collecting a tenner off of a Lpool fan i was working with next day after he had confidently taken me up on a wager that "we,ll do you lot at Anfield by 2 no worries"......nice! I can still picture his face as he pulled up in the car that lifted us to work! lol.

      Worst memory for me? Poxy Trevor Brooking in 80, i was 10 years old and had decked the whole front of our house out in Arsenal red and white, i have disliked the hammers ever since, even more than spurs to be honest.

      By the way just because its in my head and there is a thread mentioning kits, i think i,m right in saying it was in 1980 when Arsenal first appeared in a "silky" kit, it was worn in the Cup winners cup final and was a one off, probably worth a small fortune now one of those tops. Oh to own Bradys (God).

    • I love the part about being crammed into a tube train full of dissapointed fans after losing a Cup Final (or an FA Cup Semi-Final). Luton '88 springs to mind. Beautiful day, joyous crowd, some brilliant play, AND THEN GUS CEASAR. A friend of mine who I went to the game with had a little kid on his shoulders for virtually the entire match because he couldnt see otherwise and the kids father was a shorty. After Luton's 3rd goal my mate passed the kid back to his father saying "you'd better take him now before I decide to do something terrible!!".

      The Arsenal end of Wembley went from joy unconfined to a silent mass of seething anger in five minutes flat.

      Great day out, all in all.

    • Was you at the Town Hall when we did Liverpool in '89, Fab?

      I managed to get right opposite it. I remember Perry Groves on the balcony with a mic singing 'Ooh to be a Gooner!"

      I also remember Paul Merson, saying "For all of you that are old enough, go out and get pissed!"

      Peter Hill-Wood and Ken Friar shot him a filthy look at that point!!!

    • Lol...Dont mention MOTD, i have walked out of pubs cause i couldn't bear to listen alan hanson giving us crap!!

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