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  • lex lex May 22, 2009 07:32 Flag

    what others think

    Spot on Andy I am sad that the plastic twits dont know exactly who is to blame its the current over the hill board.
    Long term fan season ticket holder at highbury for years now priced out and living in the midlands
    been to emmerits once for dennis testimonial match fantastic stadium
    Glad i have not got to stand freezing hopeing wrighty did not score at the clock end in the first half when George (stroller/Gaddafi) Graham was manager

    Bunked off school to get a ticket for the 1970 fair cup final match at highbury que all around the ground fantastic match

    At that time stood on the north bank with my m8s and hid when bob wilson would dive at the fowards feet head first and ask my m8s brother if his head was still intact
    thoses were the days