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  • raul raul May 22, 2009 22:19 Flag


    what a day!

    Hangeland for 15 mil and 27 years old a bargain.
    ade for 20mil take him please.

    i heard alonso John for 23 mil thats a lot even for alonso i would really like to have him but for much lesser price.

    yaya next i hope

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    • I think we can get Alonso at around $20m (if Pool willing to sell him). It would be a good buy.
      As for Hangeland, $15m it's a bit too much. I am not sure if he can produce the same consistent performance next season, $12m would be nice.
      With Ade going, we can get about $20m for him + the rumored $13m transfer kit, that would be enough to solve our problem.