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  • A Yahoo! User May 28, 2009 20:14 Flag

    arsenal youth-who will make it into the first team?

    Barca have built their academy over years and years and focus on technical skill and QUANTITY, just as AW and Liam Brady are trying to do. Just think, Barca could also have had Cesc and Merida and also have Bojan in the wings as well. People think of Barca as big spenders but actually they spend very little, preferring to spend money on "filling in the pieces" rather than building a whole squad. They identify talented youth globally and then bring in as much of it as possible into their academy. Sounds familiar doesnt it?

    People talk about the "Barcelona way" of doing things and playing football. That all started in the 70's and certainly didnt happen overnight. Maybe in twenty or thirty years people will be talking about doing things the "Arsenal way" in the same way, and in the same high regard. If so, then AW will have been the architect of it all and we may regard him with even more respect and admiration than many of us do right now.