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  • Michael Michael May 27, 2009 19:27 Flag

    arsenal youth-who will make it into the first team?

    After watching Arsenal's triumphant home and away victory against Looserpool in the F.A Youth Cup, you have to say they looked impressive. There were a few players that really shined for me and i wonder how many will make it to the first team.

    For me its got to be-
    Jack Wilshire, Jay Emmanuel Thomas, Francis Coquelin, Emmanuel Frimpong.

    That is wether they improve consistantly in the coming seasons. I would also like to see more of Fran Merida(new cesc) and Sanchez Watt.

    Got to say that Wilshire and Coquelin look absolute class.


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    • Having taken a bunch a kids to see the Under 18's against Man City in the semis. They pestered me to take them to the Emirates for the Liverpool match at the Emirates, and then a few even came up to Anfield with me.
      The midfield quartlet was excellent both legs of the final.
      Coquelin skillful, determined and insightful.
      Sanchez Watt amazing speed and cool finishing.
      Emmanuel-Thomas strong, skillful, too many loose passes, but an eye for goal.
      Jack Wilshere our little Messi (well nice to dream).
      But my favourite and the younger than the others was injured early in the first leg. Frimpong doesn't believe in the concept of the 50% ball, and he has amble ability for one so young.

      Wilshere and Frimpong also regulars for England now, and hopefully in the future too. Benik Afobe wicked striker for Arsenal and England too.

    • Hopefully all the young players at Arsenal will have learned a lot playing against Utd and watching last nights game about work-rate as well. The top teams, in any sport, seem not only to have the most talent, but also work the hardest for each other.

    • Well for anyone watching the CL final last night some of the patterns Barca weaved looked very very familiar to me
      we need only a couple of pieces and we will be there

      Strikers who get one chance and take it bye Ade

    • Barca have built their academy over years and years and focus on technical skill and QUANTITY, just as AW and Liam Brady are trying to do. Just think, Barca could also have had Cesc and Merida and also have Bojan in the wings as well. People think of Barca as big spenders but actually they spend very little, preferring to spend money on "filling in the pieces" rather than building a whole squad. They identify talented youth globally and then bring in as much of it as possible into their academy. Sounds familiar doesnt it?

      People talk about the "Barcelona way" of doing things and playing football. That all started in the 70's and certainly didnt happen overnight. Maybe in twenty or thirty years people will be talking about doing things the "Arsenal way" in the same way, and in the same high regard. If so, then AW will have been the architect of it all and we may regard him with even more respect and admiration than many of us do right now.

    • problems with kids is you just never know who is going to take that massive leap from being a talent to being a real player with quality some don't start out as bright prospects you let them go then later regret ...U pin hopes on a genuine talent and he can't take the expectation and withers away.....

      It is interesting watching yesterdays match 7 of Barcas players came through their youth system Valdes Puyol Iniesta Xavi Maessi Pique Busquets so it really does work...infact I think it is phenomenal to have 7 players from ur academy....

      Yes Barca does splash the cash to get real quality in imagine if they had to buy all those players above at the going rate .....

      A club like arsenal would not be able to compete...yes I know this sounds like a sing song for AW but for me its just a reality check..... growing ur own is the key...then you can splash out on real talents like Arshavin or a Ribery etc ...that is the only way we really will be able to compete till we pay our debts....

    • Interesting post Paul,
      It's always fun trying to work out which 17-20 year old is going to make it.Those three years are crucial in a players development.

      For me,as things stand,only Jack Wilshire is ready for first team action (in the premiership).I'm not saying that he should start every game,but he should be getting 10-20 mins in some games.

      As for the rest, i like the look of Luke Ayling,Francis Coquelin and Jay Emmanuel Thomas.They should be given run outs in the pre season friendlies and the Carling Cup respectivley.

      I think that Sanchez Watt has a lot of potential.....he just needs to keep improving.

      As for the rest,they might become professional footballers but maybe not with Arsenal.

      These are just my thoughts.....i might be completley wrong.

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      • Ha ha, it is more likely that each of us will be right about some things, and completely wrong about others. One thing is for sure, none of us will be completely right about EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to predicting what kids might make it (and especially when so few of us have even seen those kids PLAY A SINGLE GAME!!!!!).

        I remember seeing Justin Hoyte play an England U15 International years ago and he looked amazing, just brilliant, a class apart from everyone else on the pitch. I thought to myself "Paul, remember that name, because Justin Hoyte is going to be a star!!"


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    • To be fair to all the other kids I have only seen Wilshere and Coquelin play live so it's hard for me to say too much about the rest of the youth team, Wishere and Coquelin will surely figure in the first team this season at some point. But my mate keeps going on about Frimpong and how he is the pick of the bunch.

    • I agree with those on your list.

      I think the first thing we have to do is admit that NOT ALL OF THEM WILL MAKE IT!!! That is a tough thing for some. I have been amazed at how some people think players like Hoyte and Simpson will be stars, when I struggle to even see them in the squad, especially with the next group of players coming trough.

      I would add the following:

      Luke Ayling - not the most talented, but a guy who gives everything. His coaches love him to death. He is the type of guy I could see breaking through from sheer determination and desire to do it.

      Kyle Bartley - Bartley DOES have the talent, and playing alongside Ayling has probably shown him what effort and desire can do as well. Big, towering defender.

      Henri Lansbury - always had the talent, now seems to be getting his head screwed on right. Could be another Parlour.

      Certianly, with Lansbury, Frimpong, Coquelin, Emmanuel-Thomas and Wilshire (along with Aaron Ramsey, Fran Merida and Chuks Aneke, who is at the next level down and is very, very highly regarded) the competition for midfield places in the League Cup will be absolutely fierce next season.

    • Oh how could i forget, Lansbury is also a great prospect. Was candidate for MOTM in my opinion.