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  • Mandy D Mandy D May 28, 2009 07:56 Flag

    Barcanal -Now can people see what Wenger is building?

    well done to our soul mate team, to Titi and Silvinho.
    This is the blue print for what Wenger is building for us - did some of their moves and patterns of play seem a bit familiar?
    For all Man Utds quality , renowned defensive ability and presence in midfield, they were taken to the cleaners by a bunch of highly skilled lightweights in physical terms. Man Utds midfield were totally outclassed. Barca had a makeshift defense and not the greatest keeper but their mf and forwards proved a winning combination
    Yes, Arsenal are not there yet but neither were Barca this time last year.
    Wenger is building a team that will emulate Barca, make no mistake

    One more thing -I may have got the manner of victory wrong but unlike some on this board and most people in the country, I predicted a Barca win. I hope others made as much money from this game as I did. Further tips next season!

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    • Bloody right Paul.

      Never bet against your own ever.

      I have a Chelsea mate who considers himself a "professional" with the football betting. But once he admitted he went against the Blues. You could have heard a pin drop. Faces turned up. He didn't get it, but we lost respect for him that day.

      I have bent the rules in that say I will bet someone like Rooney scores first but we will win in a scorecast as you get three times the odds than one of ours scoring first. But it's still an Arsenal win I'm backing.

      A little loophole that can reap a nice reward.

    • Some of us are starting to sound dangerously like Spurs fans when we were winning things.

      Oh the irony.

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      • Lol. I read this thread and was pretty amused. Can't deny the enthusiastic optimism but the Barcelona academy has a life of it's own. We are on the way but still years away from emulating their academy's success.

        BUT what we fail to see is, while they have their academy boys in the squad, they still buy the big players. Players like Alves, Titi, Etoo, Toure, Abidal and Keita, who cost big money and big salaries. I would say Barcelona would have won nothing this season if they depended only on Messi, Xavi and Iniesta to bring their glory. Even these connoisseurs need a BIG helping hand.

        Now imagine Barcelona, refusing to buy good players because they don't want to block the progress of these young boys! Xavi and Iniesta benefited from playing next to Ronaldinho, and when the buck toothed wonder was doing the job, they were learning and today they are the players they are!

        It's time we drop the facade and accepted our shortcomings. Hiding behind the excuse of grooming players on the rise has become tiresome. I can live with the fact we don't have the cash to spend and that's why we are frugal. But not with the lame excuses we are served at the moment.

        I am a Realist bordering on hope and optimism when it comes to Arsenal. But even I don't harbour any false illusions that we will reach the giddy heights of Barca any time soon (if at all) with the current squad.

    • No comparision whatsoever mate!
      Barca have home grown players who play for their club,Arsenal don't!
      They win things ,Arsenal don't!

    • I know, and I agree with you Mandy. I was thinking exactly the same thing watching the match. it gave me renewed confidence in the power of the beautiful football once achieved.

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      • There's still a huge gap between AFC and Barca. We still lack a TH14, Eto, Messi and Xavi or Ineasta! Still we have Eduardo and Rosicky fit in coming season plus a full season of AA, we will be closer, much closer.
        Lesson from this match, if you have defensive crisis and have to play against a team like Manure, outpass them like Barca did!!! Manure were totally outpassed and outclassed by Barca!!!

    • Well it's a good thing we played them in the final.....cos they would have scored more against you lot.....after we destroyed you in the semi's...