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  • lex lex Jun 4, 2009 12:32 Flag

    Can anyone break into the top four places?

    I think we may be vulnerable in the short term but not over the long haul
    Out of the current top 4 teams we are the only team who is paying back the debt
    Man U are adding to there debt as they are paying interest only and at a very high % 9 i think the figure is so the overhang is getting larger at some point they will have to address this
    Liverpool are in a very bad situation they need to move and build a larger stadium and they have a large debt same as Man U when the current owners borrowed against the clubs assets to buy the club.
    Chelsea have operating debt as they pay more out in wages ect than is coming in in gate receipts TV money ect they would have big problems if their owner decided he was fed up with his "big boy toy"
    Arsenal have a large debt due entirely to building a new stadium they have the funds to come from the highbury development (maybe not as much now as hoped) but the debt is being paid down year on year , they have a fantastic academy producing decent players not all will make it at Arsenal but even if the average 25% make it this saves loads of money so will be fine in the long term but I fear we do have short term worries what with all the new arab funds comming in to Man city( eastlands is rented from manchester council) and now Pompy (who need a team and a stadium) I also think as the spanish waiter has shown it is fine to be able to buy players but can you mold them into a team in the case of liverpool not always is the answer and how he still has a job with his transfer boobs is anyones guess

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    • Fenix and Alex I totally agree. A debt free club has more to spend not just one season but every season.

      I also feel that Liverpool are the most vulnerable of the top four due to the banks getting nervous about their debt burden.

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      • Just as I said look at the Yahoo pages, Liverpool finished "nd place nd went preety far in the CL but they still made a loss of £42m. The auditors are talking about how badly they need refinancing.

        But often this can be made worse by poor relationship in boared, players and managers. All it will take is one bad decision from either of these people and the club could be on its way down.