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  • One word. Quality.

    Used pace effectively
    had good control on the ball
    crossing was much improved

    one problem though
    his decision making.
    He didnt know when to release the ball

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    • You're kidding me Dayzz??!!

      It was Andorra, and he STILL was poor!

      Im not talking about expectations here or his age, just the reality of his performance, he wasn't good, just as he wasn't the previous game (understatement).

      He is not going to be the player you all think, simply because he's just not THAT good, however I do hope he improves somewhat next season because otherwise England are going to continue relying on Rooney to make us not look TOO over rated in the world cup....AGAIN.

      Walcott has bags of pace, if little else, so he will always have the odd game where he causes problems.

      Glenn Johnson was quality, never could understand what Jose didn't see in him.

    • Must agree with Eric. Walcott was indecisive, never looked comfortable for some reason.

    • You must have been watching a different game. I thought he was poor. Kept running into trouble or got lost for ideas.

      Not surprised Glenn Johnson was MOM; he showed Walcott how to be a winger.

      Age is not a factor - if you are good enough, you are old enough. OK, age is a factor - he's not good enough; it was Andorra after all - Jimmy Greaves summed it up perfectly when he said his contempories could beat this lot.

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      • Walcott didn't play fantastically well, but he wasn't poor either, he was marked just about all the time whereas Johnson, who had a great game, had a lot more freedom on the ball. Walcott got an assist on one goal, and set up a few other chances and had a 2 or 3 shots. He also made a few good off the ball runs which took opposition players with him, which is part of his role. His confidence doesn't appear to be high though, and sometimes his speed takes him too far, and he sometimes still forgets to look up . Walcott was much better against Andorra last September (I think it was then) and of course against Croatia he played a blinder feeding off Rooney, so he has got it and there were a few glimpses of it last night.

    • To be honest he was very tightly marked today, im surprised he managed to play at all. The left however was completely open.