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    Filepe Melo

    Apparently Wenger is trying to sign him for £15m. I saw him during the Conf Cup and he looiked preety good, runs around like a dog,Strong, Ball winner, not slow, seemed to have a good partnership with Gilberto. So Im guessing he could fit in well.

    But £15m is allot though why not Veloso or Mbia or Cana much more still from what we have seen.

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    • If he does join us it will be a welcome surprise. He is the type of player we need within our ranks. Imho Ramsey can be that player, but he has most attacking flair than Melo. But I see him as Fab's successor in the long term. With Wilshere on the flanks.

      With a player like Melo, if not Melo himself, we can be serious contenders for honours next season. MU have to cope without Ronaldo and that will be a good opportunity to catch them on the back foot before they find their groove. Chelsea, ManCity will be stronger this term but If we keep our team together, we are in with a shot.

    • Don't get your hopes high on Melo because he isn't coming. He's said that he's flattered by the interest shown by Arsenal but he's happy to be at Fiorentina. He ain't coming.

    • yeh he looked brilliant and no need to worry about ANC. Also looked really good at set peices and sominting mid with his strength, would be a quality signing, although Gilberto looked brilliant.

    • I did think that also, that maybe he was told to keep back, but he didn't need to be there. He had nobody to mark, Gilberto had it covered. Melo was almost a spare player at times, he could have been much more dynamic, moving forward or out to the flanks, making those neat passing triangles and playing in the full backs. Instead he was very static, there was plenty of space for him to run into but he never took advantage of it. And that dissapointed me, he never got involved.

      But defensively, I didn't see him contribute much either. All the important blocks seemed to be coming from Gilberto and Lucio. I didn't see him bust a gut to deny the italians time and space

      I must have missed that pass to Kaka. On the whole I can't criticise the quality of his passing, it was neat and tidy. And he was strong with the ball, nobody could barge him off it. But he was lacking effort, and I thought the same against the USA. Apart from his goal, I didn't think he made much impact. I would have expected him to be running the show, pulling the strings in the way that Xavi does, because that's the same position that he was playing today.

      Hopefully in the semis Melo will bring out his 'A' game and I can rave about him then, but so far he's been a bit of a let down.

    • He was not making any forays into the opposition half because I felt it somehow was a tactical thing. The players pushing forward were usually Kaka, Robinho, Fabiano and the full backs. Gilberto and Melo were more or less playing in their own halves most of the time.

      You missed the pass where he made a high cross from one side of the pitch to another to Kaka. That kind of pass indicates a belief in oneself and a good technical ability. I know he wasn't playing at full throttle. But don't we need a minder for Fab? Even I got the impression he wasn't running a lot, but then in the context of the fame he didn't have to. He does come across as nonchalant, but one could also call that being composed.

      He has good technical qualities and he is one strong bloke. His game has a sense of assurance to it. He never looked troubled. He would still be my top signing. He is worth the 15M.

    • I'm pretty dumbfounded to be honest, in the two games I've seen him in Melo was nothing more than Gilberto's personal passer. Gilberto runs, heads, blocks and tackles, and then tells Melo: "Oi, give this to Kaka!" Melo sighs, grudgingly takes the ball, knocks it in Kaka's direction, and then gets back to watching the game.

    • I can not explain this Gilberto love he did do alright today but I remember in his last season whenever he came on he looked a little out his depth sluggish last to the ball and conceeded cheap fouls in dangerous areas and I remember a few times saying to myself where the hell was Flamini....

      The bottomline was that in his last season here he played like he had lost his legs...Flamini definitely had more energy in a dynamic midfield.....and AW I am sure wanted more of the same and was hoping Denilson would provide it.....

      We all know the Denilson story now....

      I have still not changed my opinion that Diarra was the best we had and should have loaned rather than sell him....especially as Flamini had not signed...

      I would still take Melo though he was not spectacular but did a decent job today...he certainly passes much better than Denilson and Gilberto from the few matches I have seen of him...he is certainly stronger than Denilson and better awareness...Gilberto may have more awareness no doubt being more experienced....but Melo has more energy....

    • No, I don't remember him ever losing possession but he hardly got on the ball. He never went past a player, even though there was ample space for him to do so with Kaka and Robinho pushing Italy back into their own box, and Gilberto rock solid behind him. As for his range of passing, I have to completely disagree. I only saw him make a single ambitious pass, which was a rash thump up the pitch which went straight out for a goal kick, and then he had a go at Robinho for not getting to it! Mostly he didn't even look up, just playing the short passes and then taking a breather on the halfway line while the brazil forwards and full backs did all the work. I'd love to know how much ground he covered, because he hardly moved.

      He might be an excellent player when he wants to be, but I was incredibly dissapointed by the amount of effort he put in. He was adequate when given the ball, but he didn't look like he even wanted to be there.

    • Agreed.
      But really Leo?
      I admit he did play a ghost game. Did what was needed without making a big deal out of it. Thats what we need! THATS why im SO impressed.

    • He seems OK. just wondering about that discipline thing: is it because of hard tackles or petulance?

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      • I don't see the big deal about Melo myself. I watched him against the USA and again tonight against Italy, and he didn't impress me in either game, he just doesn't seem interested and hardly breaks into a jog. Gilberto is the one who works hard and picks up players, puts in the blocks and mops up the loose balls.

        From all the hype I was expecting Melo to be a box-to-box player full of power and energy, similar to Essien. But all I've seen him do is hang around the center circle, not even trying to make space for himself, and mostly a spectator. He doesn't get forward and support the attacks OR track back and protect the back four.

        And just now, in the 94th minute of the match, Melo poked an easy ball from the tired Rossi's feet out for a throw in and the commentator said "I can see why Arsenal are rumoured to be interested in him"! The guy's done nothing all game.

        Maybe he's just tired from a long season with Fiorentina, or not interested in the confed cup, but from what I've seen of him I wouldn't play him ahead of Denilson, let alone Song.

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