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  • If Wenger was to clear out his most disruptive players at least one of these would be gone as well as Gallas. If Robin, Ade and Gallas were sold i reckon we'd have just under £40m.

    I'd like to see an offer for Valencia's David Villa go in. Highly unlikely we could pull it off over Barca and Real but easily more likely than anyone else in the Premiership.

    Valencia need money and if Wenger was to offer a few of our good kids out on loan free of charge to them for next 5 years it could work out well for all included. They wouldn't have to worry bout paying wages, our young players could get some much needed experience at a team not disimilar to our own in some respects. Merida, Botelho, Sunu, Barazite, Frimpong and others could go out half or for a full season and gain first team experience elsewhere.

    I cant see Barca letting Bojan or any other good youngsters go and Real either and with Valencia's financial situation worsening i can't see many players wanting to sign long term contracts there.

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    • With the strength of the Euro and the new top-rate of income tax we would have to blow our entire wage structure out the window to sign someone like Villa. It isnt going to happen. Not even a 1% chance.

      English clubs are increasingly going to find themselves at a huge disadvantage to Continental clubs (especially Spanish, who have low rates of tax for rich folks) when it comes to wages. Chelsea and City have both seen this in the past six months. The top players are not going to come to England unless they are offered enormous wages. The cycle of European dominance is turning again.

    • you must read the papers and the gossip if you are to keep ahead it is wrriten he wants to go to real and also that IF he were to come to england he wants to play for the spanish waiter at liverfool

    • Ade`s not disruptive just bloody lazy!As for Rvp,someone should give him a cup and send him on his way,Bergkamp he`s not!He should maybe try and up his game instead of moaning about trophies or lack-of.

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      • I agree Ade is lazy and i think RVP (sicknote) is so full of his own importance and thinks he is better than he is I say sell him and if tevez is worth 25million them so are robin and ade so if all three were sold fatlad we should get the thick part of 65 million not 40 !!!!
        But it is not a good idea to sell 3 players to get 1 but sell 3 to buy 2 decent strikers well sinve we now have a new defender and seem to be going to swap senderos for melo why not get two new strikers who can score 1 in every 3 chances

    • Selling 3 first team players to fund one? Hmm, no thanks. Valencia do have some wonderful players and they are cash strapped. David Villa and David Silva are the two that keep getting linked to the big clubs and will cost huge money, which we can't afford. And are more attacking players our priority?

      They do however, have the wonderful Raul Albiol. He was great again last night alongside Gerrard Pique, blocking everything and dominating the hard working South Africa. He's not just a tall commanding defender, but excellent with his feet, a very classy ball playing CB. Can also play as a holding midfielder, just 23 years old, I would love to see him at Arsenal. I recommend you all try to watch him in the semis and see how he fares against Italy/Brazil.