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  • For a thread titled 'reality', that's really coming from cloud-cuckoo-land..

    Why do ppl put Diaby and DM in the same sentence?? He's neither a DM nor a box to box midfielder, he just vaguely resembles PV!! I guess with this one, he might mature into a complete central mid, but for the moment he's good for attacking mid only, as he doesn't hold his position or cover well enough.

    Nasri... Just don't know where this story came from. He's a good player but will never be strong enough, dominant enough or a good enough tackler to make a top DM.

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    • It's Diablo you nanny goats.Dat's spaniel 4 devil I fink.

    • he he....i have no idea which diaby ur talkin of...r u sure its the one in arsenal....wenger himself has several times declared that diaby is PV type...and ur own world....and yes i have read nasri say and i quote "i can develop into a DM"...do u see da word develope??...he didnt say he is one he says he can become one....and i totally agree....as far as strength is concerned..hes a DM not CB as long as he can tackle well i guess he should be good to go

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      • No doubt both these players will improve, and possibly adapt to different roles..

        But for Nasri, he looks like he could become a very good attacking midfielder, possibly world class. I don't think he's got the natural tackling ability or strength to make a top DM, so I think it would be a mistake to risk trying another player who just 'might' develop into a good DM. We should buy quality that is ready now for first team DM action.. just my opinion..

        For Diaby, I think he can tackle and cover well when necessary, and his height helps too. But he would need to seriously curb his attacking instinct and learn to hold covering positions before he's capable of running the defensive end of the midfield.. Also get the feeling he won't ever reach the level that PV did for us, altho I'd be happy to be proved wrong!