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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jul 5, 2009 14:48 Flag

    Owen Money

    Well yes John maybe there is some 'furtive' Fergie sense in it, though it defeats me, but I bet MO must have been whistling all the way to the bank. I mean wouldn't you be John? I know I would be, in MO's shoes, with his career being on very shaky ground . Period

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    • MO's career may not have gone the way of some of the other top strikers in Europe, but I don't think that makes him less of an effective player.

      When he left Pool, he was predominantly used as a super-sub in Real, and nearly always came on to score. Saving their bacon on a few occassions. The Newcastle move was a disaster for him. Not least because he suffered a few injury set backs, but because his heart didn't seem in it. I mean, how would you feel playing alongside some of there players, especially the like of Joey Barton.

      Fergie is able to get the best out of players. You only need look back to Larsson to see that. At £0 transfer, and £40k per week if and when he plays, SAF may have pulled off a masterstroke.
      I would swap MO in form for Ade in form anyday.

      The only downside is that Utd may have a loss of ariel ability. Owen and Rooney aren't known for their ariel prowess.

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      • He didn't get the best out of Veron though nor Blanc.

        " would swap MO in form for Ade in form anyday."?
        I think people need to get real! and stop all these wishful thinking. This is 2009 FFS, not pre-2005 season.

        Fact of the matter is, Owen is terminally crocked and has past it. It's unsurprising that he only managed 26 goals in 5 years at Newcastle. On the other hand, Ade was a big failure for scoring just 16 goals last season. And before people start making excuses for Owen that he played in an average Newcastle team, the likes of Benny McCarthy, Defoe, Santa Cruz, and Amr Zaki have all proven that you can score goals (plenty) in an average side, you don't need the service of Arsenal and Man U to prove your worth as a striker.

        Eight goals a season striker, which is what Owen was last season will win you nowt at this level, let's face it that's what Owen will be judged on, not past laurels / achievements.