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  • Alan H Alan H Jul 5, 2009 05:59 Flag

    Owen Money

    If he hits a good run fitness wise and Ferguson's obviously hoping for that, Owen will deliver, and every true football fan knows he will. Up here the Magpies was a disaster for him on every front---apart from bagging 30 out of 65 starts. Similar stats at Real.
    Fergies moved in where others failed to venture---if it comes off, well good for both of them.

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    • And its a big 'IF' Alan. It's not Man Utd. or Ferguson I would be sad for, it's MO himself. SAF would just shrug his shoulders, chew harder on his gum and dismiss it as just a bit of bad business and move on leaving MO with literally no where to go. But having said that the two of them would probably have drink together over it at Chester race course down the road, and spend the clubs money on another horse. My personal opinion is that both you and John are being just a little naive here, if you will excuse me for saying so.