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  • outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Jul 8, 2009 23:00 Flag

    Where do we stand Right Now?

    The transfer window has been open "officially" for slightly over a week and we have a new defender. Not the one we were expecting but we have to go with the manager on this one.

    It seems we were in the hunt for Melo but more likely than not he will end up at Juventus. If he does end up at Arsenal that will be a very pleasant surprise.

    But from the indications in the last week, AW game plan is pretty clear. Hold on to the players we got. And strengthen the obvious weak spots, if the right player is available.

    I would like to believe Vermaelen was a well thought out buy. With Senderos back (heaven save us from his blunders!) we have 5 CBs in the line up with Song as a flexible back up.

    We may or may not buy a DM. With the inflated Transfer market, we will have to go for a less tested one. In any case an experienced DM seems like a remote possibility.

    I certainly believe with no departures, we should comfortably finish in the top 4. Doesn't sound very ambitious, but taking all the factors into account, it won't be a bad finish.

    The top prize is up for grabs this year with MU likely (but not necessarily) to be in a transition phase in the early part of the season. And depends if they will have the same confidence when the chips are down without Ronaldo to bail them out.

    Liverpool and Chelsea have more or less the same teams from the last season, with no "exceptional" player additions to their squads. (Read as Villa, Ribery and Silva.) Liverpool had an outstanding season, where they punched above their weight. That wasn't good enough then and I believe it won't be good enough this season either, IF they manage to maintain that level.

    I believe that Ancelotti will end up pushing Chelsea down the table just like Scolari. Kaka made AC Milan look good over the last couple of seasons. Hiddink was Gold and I am glad he didn't hang around!

    Imho we should finish easily in the top 4. If we get someone like Melo and Hangeland, I would fancy our chances of toppling MU, provided our strikers fire.

    This season the EPL is up for grabs. MU are still the favourites but the other three are in with a shout, especially our very young squad as every passing year (and the team staying together) makes us stronger.Question is are we strong enough for the challenge?


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    • " I believe that Ancelotti will end up pushing Chelsea down the table just like Scolari. Kaka made AC Milan look good over the last couple of seasons. Hiddink was Gold and I am glad he didn't hang around!

      Imho we should finish easily in the top 4. If we get someone like Melo and Hangeland, I would fancy our chances of toppling MU, provided our strikers fire."

      What ever are you talking about outlaws. You really haven't a clue have you. You bang on for 10 minutes and end up with a load of tosh about 'if we get Melo and Hangeland I would fancy our chances" and then "providing our strikers fire". What is all that supposed to mean. We can't win anything without them ? Our defence is shit and if our strikers don't 'fire' ( which applies to all teams) we can't finish in the top 4. You don't have a crystal ball and no one can say what's going to happen. Its best guess. But I'll tell you this I back Arsenal against all of them this season, and I mean for Top, not 2nd 3rd or 4th, and a damn better chance than most for the CL and the FA Cup. Thats called love of my team no matter how mis-guided. Its red and white for me, no half tones or IF'S. Believe for christ sake instead of pontificating, and that applies to one or two others on this forum. Thats where we stand outlaws, with belief.

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      • You do talk some codswallop.. If we all just blindly sang from your hymn sheet how boring would this forum be? You'd have nobody to reply to for a start ;)

        For my part I'm am feeling positive on this season. Several players will either give us more games or more goals than last season, plus continued stability and improvement should really see us kick on from the level we were at since the beginning of 2009. 1 or 2 more signings and not losing any of our senior players could see us competing for the title or in the cup finals..

        But there's still a month of transfers to go, so any of the top4/5 teams could strengthen or lose key players..

    • So far we look like we will score plenty, but unfortunately let a fair few in too.

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      • Hmmmmmmmmmm

        interesting how did you work that out? we have the same strikers as last year but have bought a defender so that is a n interesting theory

        I do wonder were united are going to replace ronaldo's goals i see they have taken a very big gamble with Owen and bought a youngster from France who is not the finished article I think Fergie did not get all the money from the sale myself

        Liverpool have bought a defender and that's about all so far they have fended off madrid's attempts at xabi Alonso but we might have to wait another week or two as he has some sell on clause or other that the club pool bought him from get a % and Madrid feel that is making his price artificially high

        Chelsea cant seem to get anyone and might yet loose terry oh and cashley it seems was disappointed with the offer made to him
        with Terry frankly they should i think cash in 45 million for a 29 yr old with back trouble but it seems cavaleho is unhappy and wishing to leave but they have not managed to get rid of deco as yet

        so I think its going to be quite an interesting season we might not end up in the top four but then again we might we might even suprise ourselves and win a cup we will be going for 3 after all
        I think its going to be a funny year myself and If we can make a good start anything can happen

    • We certainly should not have gone backwards this summer, unlike last summer. Everyone is a year older and we start the season much healthier than we started last season (with no Euro Championships or WC to tire guys out).

      It is up to the players to show they can handle the final step up now. We have a pretty deep squad with plenty of cover just about everywhere, although some of it is still relatively young. But there are very few guys in the squad who you would say are untested, as opposed to last season where we went into the season with Denilson, Song, Walcott, Nasri, Djourou, Gibbs and Fabianski completely untested and with MF, LD, GS and JL all having departed the club. We should score goals and it is all about our defense.

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      • should be a very interesting season for a numner of reasons.
        How will Man U cope without Ronaldo and Tevez? Will replacements be adequate?
        Will Liverpool keep their CMs? Can City gel a team?
        How will CA do at Chelsea. One thing for certain - if he gets off to a bad start and starts slipping down the league, Hiddink will be back by Nov.

        As for Arsenal - Wenger will completely ignore what is going on elsewhere, he needs to get it right this time though.
        This could be a good season for Arsenal if stability alligned with a bit of strengthening and development of current players can be maintained.
        Nobody apart from a few fans gives us a prayer, many think we will disappear from the top 4. Outside pressure off a bit? A lot to be said for stability.