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  • lex lex Jul 9, 2009 07:05 Flag

    Where do we stand Right Now?


    interesting how did you work that out? we have the same strikers as last year but have bought a defender so that is a n interesting theory

    I do wonder were united are going to replace ronaldo's goals i see they have taken a very big gamble with Owen and bought a youngster from France who is not the finished article I think Fergie did not get all the money from the sale myself

    Liverpool have bought a defender and that's about all so far they have fended off madrid's attempts at xabi Alonso but we might have to wait another week or two as he has some sell on clause or other that the club pool bought him from get a % and Madrid feel that is making his price artificially high

    Chelsea cant seem to get anyone and might yet loose terry oh and cashley it seems was disappointed with the offer made to him
    with Terry frankly they should i think cash in 45 million for a 29 yr old with back trouble but it seems cavaleho is unhappy and wishing to leave but they have not managed to get rid of deco as yet

    so I think its going to be quite an interesting season we might not end up in the top four but then again we might we might even suprise ourselves and win a cup we will be going for 3 after all
    I think its going to be a funny year myself and If we can make a good start anything can happen