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    New Striker

    With imminent rumours regarding Ade's departure, who will replace, will wenger have enough cash to buy another striker in this super hyper inflated market for players and also be able to meet their wage demands. Here are my solutions if he does leave:

    Eduardo, although he does not present great aerial threat which Ade presented, nonetheless his Lethal left and right foot will always find the back of the net even if they are broken unlike Ade. He will also be fully fit now and well rested, hopefully next few friendlies should prove where his fitness and game is.

    Bendtner will this donkey of player be finally be able to show his worth, yes I admit he does have talent and always shows glimpses of what he is capable of and also has great work rate, but his team play and lack of accuracy in-front of goal has been his main problem.

    Arshavin cn also be placed here, he would be great with his dribbling ability, creativity and pace will always trouble defenders, I mean ask the Liverpool defence (which is one of the best EPL defence). But the problem again lies that he presents little regarding aerial threat unlike Eduardo who has proven he can score goals in the air and has tyhe strength. And he is a player which clearly likes to get involved playing deep. And right now we have that in Van so we need a box player more like Ed.

    With the possible sale of Ade wenger maybe able pounce Dzeko although the club have stated that they do not want to sell, Im sure wenger when he wants a player he can get them.

    Peter Crouch, he may lack accuracy and allot of technique which most arsenal players have but I am sure under wenger he can flourish and be a real threat. He has shown great potential and also is a proven goal scorer in europe in prem so no need for adaptation period.

    Zigic although he has not been making waves wenger previously has looked at him, he is maybe 28 or so but he would be a great buy for probably around £5m and also this still gives time to bendtner. Again this guy is very tall and defo would be a handfull for any defender. With Van and co pulling all the strings Im sure he can be a success.

    Bottawullah or something. (the guy from Inter Milan) Great talent, power, pace, technique and only in his 20's. HIs got a good physical stature and knows how to find the goal but has an issue with getting cards often just like Van did in Feyo. But again Im sure under Wenger he can be better. Although it will be hard to prise him as Inter milan do regard him a first team and up coming player.


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    • We have class and experience in Van Persie, AA, Eduardo and bags of potential in Bendtner, Vela and Walcott.

      Strikers are not exactly our weakest area.

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      • I dont think anyone said it was our weakest, but more so that in recent times we have adpated to having the likes of bendtner and Ade upfront which has meant that we have had more options of attacking. The problem was of its success rate. Even though DB10 and TH14 never had balls coming in from the wings or being used as target men there prolificness (if that is even a word) was immense. they liked there it on the ground.

        However it did have its draw backs and when teams used to playe deep with 7 or 8 players behind the ball Arsenal have struggled.

        However with recent times having the likes of Ade has shown we can be effective in the air as our full backs (SAGNA CLICHY GIBBS) can provide crosses and cause havoc. If only we had a better target man like RuuD or Drogba who can finish the ball in the air or take balls from the air keep it well for the team, our team would be complete.

    • Whoever we get, I hope the Prof works his magic again. Everyone underrates us, so I hope it will be someone who willl help us hit the EPL and hit it hard.

      BTW who is this God of Everything guy? Its pretty pathetic. What human being has so much time on their hands? I have ignored him/her, but really dude... you're not annoying, you're not funny, just really really pathetic, regardless of how old you are. You are obviously a very sad person in real life... ask all the people who are supposed to be loving you for attention, dont look for it here.

    • YOU WERE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i would love to see Huntelaar join us!!

    • I don't want a replacement striker. Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela should handle matters between them, with AA and Walcott providing further striking options.

      Nasri, Rosicky, Fab and Wilshere are also likely to chip in with a fair number of goals.

      Ade money should be used for weaker areas.

    • Bottawullah (sounds like a cousin from Bin Laden!) is actually Mario Barwuah Balotelli or simply Super Mario as he is known in Italy. He is still 18 years old!! But he has the attitude of a spoilt brat in the middle of a temper tantrum and his ego matches that of his boss Moronho. Talent in loads but doubt Wenger can keep this outrageously talented fool in check.

      I would be happy with the strikers we have at the moment if Ade left. Provided half of them stay fit, we should not have any worries in that department. You forgot Vela, the lad has all the makings of an Arsenal regular.

      With the money we get from Ade's supposedly sale (we might all be disappointed and he could still decide to stay!) I would like to see a hard tackling DM and a CB being bought.

      Of all the strikers on the market, Huntelaar is the only one who would make our team better. The rest will just be a waste of a salary! But since Huntelaar is not going to be bought, we might as well let our young strikers have a shot at goal!

      In Vela, Bendtner and Theo we have three strikers who couldn't be more different from each other. Vela has pace and a great finishing touch. Bendtner has height and is learning to pass! :P Theo is all speed and it's time he learnt to shoot on target more often.

      Eduardo and RVP should be the first team starters with the Bendtner and Vela replacing them when either of them gets injured. The only scary prospect is if RVP and Eduardo are injured at the same time. But Chamakh or any of the other mentioned strikers apart from Huntelaar are not ready to take the mantle of the senior striker of the squad.

      Oh Arshavin can also play as a striker if push came to shove but his creative spark will be missed if he is pushed further up the park. Second striker is the role he more suited for. And I wouldn't be too surprised if that's the position he played more often next season.

      So for me Huntelaar is the only striker I would love to see in your colours this season. Balotelli could also be a great addition but we would replace one twat for another!

    • yeh Hunterlaar looked really good at ajax aint seem him play for madrid though. But he does have talent nonetheless. He would be great, and really work well with Van because of international partnership and also because each others play compliments themselves. One os very creative and plays deep and one is a more orthodox striker playing in the box and looking balls in the air.

      But I hope Wenger makes moves as soon as he gets the transfer money for his targets regardless of who they are, as intergration into the team will be essential if we are to make a challenge for the title in the beggining of the season.

    • I think we should go for Huntelaar. His goal scoring record at Madrid last season when he played was superb. Big, strong, reasonbly quick and a great finisher, and should be available for half the price of Ade.

      He was linked heavily with Stutgart but rumour was he was holding out for a move to a 'bigger' club.

      Him and VP upfront would be pretty awesome.

    • Martins would be a great buy, great pace, strength, aerial threat even for his height, accuracy in front of goal and general team play is excellent. defo a player which has shined in a very shite team like newcatsle and hundred times better. Would be a good buy but i would prefer some over 6.3ft as Im sure if martins went up against Vidic or Rio he would lose.

      so I still think chamakh or crouch and left over money for either a DM or use the moey for Cana and a high wage package.

    • Crouch!


      I don't think I could handle the embarassment.

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