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  • Aren't you a little bundle of joy? are you truly honestly an Arsenal fan? Because you surely do act and sound like a manc posing as an Arsenal fan......and attempting to wind up the faithful. I don't believe you're the truth. Piss off....fake. Go spread your gloom elsewhere. We've no interest in "the sky is falling" negative idiots like you.

    Onward to glory you Gooners.

    Gooner Til I Die, Islington.

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    • a constant lack of anything ever positive to say about Wenger or the club does lead one to certain conclusions, I am suspicious of a few on here

    • It says a lot that the facts swerve states are seen as doom by you. Clearly you want to stick your head in the sand to avoid observing the pattern at AFC, unless of course you are a one-day-fan who clearly can not see the pattern as a result of not knowing recent history.

      Your comment seem like comments coming from a person capable of little thought. It is hard to consider posts like yours as coming from a fan.

      Show me the wind-up and i'll show you reason.

    • You sound a bit backward to be honest, so I can understand your anger.

      If you think I am winding you up a touch of paranoia too I would imagine.

      I have seen enough these last few years to know that not all Gooners are equal.

      You are another example of that.

      Gooner till you die huh? Unlike the rest of us .....groan...

      Islington? Born there too mate, got anything else as credentials? lol

    • Swerve IS a pessimistic fecker.

      Moan moan moan.

      BUT.......he usually raises VALID points, so fairplay.

      However he does do your head in with his constant negativity, and you have to admit Swerve you dissapeared last season when we put that run together? The club IS frustrating of late but there ARE positives along with the well documented negatives from Swerve, it would be nice if, just now and then, Swerve posted a cheery note on a cheery day so we could cheer....erm.....hooray!

      Also Swerve does tend to side with the ManU fans, which is very strange in my book, I,m buggered if i would stand with em slating our own club.

      All in all though, we may not share the same opinions all the time and me and him have had our little slagging matches, but Swerve IS an Arsenal fan (one that Boos no doubt) and the arguments he raises are unfortunately valid.

      Fair play.

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      • "and you have to admit Swerve you dissapeared last season when we put that run together"

        Nope. I was still here.

        That "run" included all the 0-0 draws everyone was moaning about and came to an abrupt halt when the games mattered against top opposition.

        I don't apologise for saying it as I see it.

        If we were awash with trophies and players busting their guts for the club I would look a little silly wouldn't I?


    • I'm beyond caring to be honest on that one.

      I always anticipate something to that effect after a couple of posts. Then the "counter" threads come in and before long we chug along to the usual routine.

      A couple of newer posters get sucked in and "defend" the club, followed swiftly by a couple of "you are a Manc in disguise".

      Believe me, I am aware.

    • Swerve IS NOT an AFC fan ! simple.
      However I have to accept half of his argument about the squad assessment.
      To lose Ade is not really a problem but to not replace him is criminal.
      Why ? because Walcott is not ready and he is inconsistent.
      RVP and Eduardo's fitness is still questionable.
      This leaves us with Vela and Bendtner as out and out strikers in the squad.
      I was in Barnet and my assessment of Vermaelen is EXCELLENT.
      He is strong and intelligent footballer.
      He won all of the one to one situation. He is calm and his passing is very good.
      He prefers to be close to the main striker and get bloodied whereas Gallas,Senderos,Djourou and Silvestre are scared of confrontation.
      This will provide a better combination.
      I doubt if he can really partner TOURE as they are a bit similar.

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      • >Swerve IS NOT an AFC fan ! simple.<

        Xavier, BANG TO RIGHTS! mate.

        Let's look at Swerve's track record more carefully, shall we?

        - Consistently slate the team / manager he claims to ''support'', will even queue on the same line with his Man U loving friends to do so

        - Never has any positive thing to say about the club

        - Always scouring the net for any negative piece of scrap to berate the entire club, it reminds me of P&S on the LFC board who until recently claim to support Liverpool before declaring his true allegiance

        - Renowned for going AWOL whenever results are favourable to the team P&S style.

        - Has no history of football management at any level (including managing at local Sunday League Pub level) but thinks in his mind that he knows the needs of the team better than the current manager

        - He claims that the club have underachieved massively in the last 5 years but conveniently ignore the simple facts that during this same period; (a) a new stadium project was undertaken to increase future revenues, (b) the team have come within a whisker of winning the BIG ones - the Champions League and the EPL title, losing narrowly to Barca 2-1 in the final and just 4 points away from lifting the title in 2007/08 season, (c) we have an amazing streak of bad luck to key players (Eduardo, Walcott, Rosicky, Toure, Gallas, Cesc) at important stages in recent years unlike our rivals.

        - Rosicky successfully completed 45 minutes of football in an Arsenal shirt for the very first time in 18 months, and yet Swerve chose to dwell on negatives only. Without meaning to be patronising there are many positives out there in the club if you bother to look hard enough.

        Without Ronaldo who had been extraordinary for the mancs in the last 3 season, let's see how Man U measure up to Arsenal in the forthcoming season.

      • I hope your views on Vermealen prove correct Xavier.

      • Simples? lol

        Will you be renewing your season ticket from Spain again this year Xavier?

        Or just talking bollocks and lying through your teeth all season once more?

      • * I was in Barnet *

        You was?

        Did you flied in from Espania to capture the Barnet game?

        Did you flied back again after?

    • Most of what swerve says is negative but it's most of the time true. we're hardly the best club in england for the moment and the board and wengers decisions seem pretty odd most of the time so why shouldnt he question these decisions. after all he wants whats best for the club and it's not happening for the moment.

      It's the arse lickers like you who bring the club down because despite the fact that AW is foing something wierd, you stick by him and dont question him so he doesnt think he's doing something wierd.

      face it you might as well be a robot always agreeing with AW. This comes to the question : if AW told all the arsenal fans that they are shit, would you agree?

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      • Please give us a break with just 4 points from winning the title. What position were we in the end? We led for a while then lost it - not dissimilar to Liverpool last season.

        The other acheivements mentioned are indeed something to be proud but it all depends on one's expectation and from what base you are judging the achievement.

        The loyalists appear to have less ambition than the likes of Swerve and put too much emphasis on the stadium, finance and Wenger rather than looking at the fact that 5 (on my god - that long now) seasons ago, we were the best in the land and winnign trophies.

        How much longer are we going to be building for the future and when will the stadium stop being an excuse for not spending and how long without a trophy can we stand before we seriously question Wenger.

        Swerve's being moaning for the last 4 years (along with some of us) because we have the foresight not because we are negative and want tp say we told you so.

    • 'has Arsenal flowing through his blood' my ar$e!

      SWERVE alias BIGBEAR, as I've said before, it's time for you to piss off....fake. Go spread your gloom elsewhere. We've no interest in "the sky is falling" negative idiots like you this season. We won't condone the incessant spamming of our board with negative crap by manc posing as an Arsenal fan and attempting to wind up the true faithful any more, enough is enough.

      Piss off ....... fake. Go spread your shit elsewhere.

      Onward to glory you Gooners.

      Gooner Til I Die, Islington.

    • you're obviously extremely jealous of swerve because he is respected, unlike plastic, prawn sandwich eaters like you. You make piers morgan a die hard fan. I live abroad and i have probably been to more gunners games than you will ever see on your TV and swerve has probably most definatly been to more than me. stop pretending you live in islington ( did you use wikipedia for that one?) and enjoy united purging the four colours ( srry thats colors) of shit out of your shit arse malaysian team...and eat a cheese burger while you're at it.


      You've just taken a frying so i suggest you cool down in your girlfriends (tell me if i'm pushing reality) bed-----it should be very cold.

      Now can we just STOP FRIEKING TALKING ABOUT SWERVE AND START TALIKNG FOOTBALL. I hope nobody posts on this thread again...

    • This is definitely Slayer, and definitely ignored now.

      Thanks for so obviously showing your hand dickhead.

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