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  • Robert M Robert M Jul 20, 2009 16:24 Flag

    Ade wants medals and glory

    Apparently. The money don't mean nuttin.

    Isn't that what the fans want too? Are you happy to see your better players go in search of success elsewhere?


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    • Well he's pulled the wrong card there. Nothing wrong with the players, something seriously amiss with keeping Hughes on as coach though. Has he got something on owners, or what?

    • Robert
      you would be much better off posting rubbish on your own team boards.

      1) If ADE was one of our better players why are we all sending thank you cards to city?

      he had 1 good season

      2) He went for money and that is all that interests him he is lazy as hell and a bad influence in the dressing room

      3) He has been hanging himeself out for sdale to the highest offer and even when city came he was not sattisified he still tried to get chelski to make a move and when they did not tried to milk another 2 million "LOYALTY BONUS"

      4) If he was so good how come it takes 8-9 chances for him to score a goal?

      City have won nothing since the old Arsenal captain Joe Mercer was incharge.
      They will have a new manager by xmas as i have my doubts asto Hughes ability to manage such a large squad of players

      out side chance they might win the micky mouse cup

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      • People said the same thing about Chelsea not so long ago - even though they had actually won most of the domestic cups in recent times but no PL or CL.

        City are clearly going places - the ambition is there. What they had won in the past is not relevant at all to what they might win in future. Ade won nothing with Arsenal so why not go somewhere else where he might at least win something, even CC and then get paid lots better.

        Some people said Ade was distruptive in the dressing room. I dont believe that at all- I think he and Eboue (& Flamini) are actually the most ambitious of our lot. You can include Cesc (but he is the golden boy so fans dont mind his mixed messages or is it becos he is white or european???) in that category too and he will soon be gone because of Arsenal's lack of ambition.

        Ade was never a great player but he improved and became potent within the PL and his energy and industry should at least help City for a while. He just needs to be a striker rather than rushing aorund trying to play all the time - and needs to be more humble when he scores .

    • if ade wants to win honours, why the fuck did he go to man city. what has city won in the last 50 years . he went for one thing MONEY. i bet city are going to pay him 150 grand a week. as to your comment, best players going. ade had one good season and thats it. the next 2 seasons he was rubbish no comitment no ambition and no loyalty. for someone to say openly to the press,. if arsenal dont pay me what i want, i will go to a club that will. or words to that affect, is just a greedy selfish player ,thats only out for waht he can get. you should no, chelski have players there just for the big money. if there wages at chelski were the same as arsenals, i would guess at least 11 of the players would not be there.