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  • raul raul Jul 22, 2009 14:42 Flag

    Roman Pavlyuchenko to Arsenal?

    why not? Guus Hiddink has said that he is very good striker and was surprised why harry wants to get rid off him. and Guus Hiddink is usualy not wrong.
    ash would love to have him at The Arsenal obvious reason's.
    and the stat's:
    Games Goals
    32 14 spurs thats with a jenas lennon and that other lot
    188 87 Spartak Moscow
    Career goals
    311 115

    let any other 'maybe signing' beat that! Gignac or Chamakh

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    • Bloody right why not. With those specs AW couldn't do better than that with the other two. The big question they are going to ask on this forum is ' We'd better check the bank balance first '. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Some here wouldn't know a good thing from their arse end.