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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jul 24, 2009 16:35 Flag

    Youth v Experience v Over the hill

    Recent Arsenal past - new stadium - trust in youth - can't afford to also keep experienced mentors.

    Chelsea, Liverpool and Utd spent as usual.

    Chelsea and Utd loads of quality experienced players.

    Is it just possible that just as our players are gaining experience, and Rosicky and Eduardo return back from injury, that Utd and Chelsea may experience many of their players are reaching their sell by dates (although in the footie business that should actually read can't sell by dates).

    Just check the stats for players 29 years old or older, during the next season. Arsenal will have a total of six players at that age. Chelsea 13 players and Utd 14 players.

    It is not perceived wisedom, but I wonder if Utd's and Chelsea's strength over the last few seasons is about to turn into their weakness. Could many of their experienced players now be over the hill?

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    • I know its a self portrait better than you might know :-))

      I'm not sure if AW will play them together but Arshavin, RVP, Cesc, Rosicky and Eduardo on paper are as skillful and talented as any 5 forward minded players in any other team IMO. (I hope :-)))

      Yaya Toure is a house and great but I have to say the article Fred posted on Denilsson gave some hope, although stat don't capture it all. It is true he is young and can make massive improvements at his age. Let's hope.

    • I guess. the crashes are pretty sweet (but dangerous) too. did you see that guy fly off his bike onto another biker and all four objects were flying...pretty dangerous...but i chuckled a bit...alot...

      " (Not the ones where queer folk run in high heels!)"

      lol you bastard, you spilled my evening coffee!

      But formula one is pretty unfair...im sure the guys who are last are just last because of their car so i see your point. but have you ever seen the F1 racing years ago...classic races every step of the way...

    • For sheer speed and acceleration F1 is still unmatched maybe with the excpetion of drag races. (Not the ones where queer folk run in high heels!) But for sheer thrill MotoGP is unmatched because here driver skills are more important than strategy. And there are three teams with almost the same machines and that makes it interesting to watch as you can't really predict who will win until the race day.

    • MotoGP is pretty good actually. but i find the pit stops interesting. And overtaking is rare now but with the new regime instead of the joke that is Max Mosley (nazi fucker) and the fact that the teams decide on these rules now will probably mean more overtaking.

      The reason why overtaking is rare now is also safety reasons. the car is now more protected and wide. the banning of turbo engines was another dubious decision. But after Senna's death (R.I.P) people took notice and now it really is safe. If you saw Adrian Sutils' accident a few weeks ago, that could be lethal just a decade ago.

      Unfortunately, it's still a bit unsafe today. Henry Surtees (son of john) passed away in a crash earlier this week. but i think if they get a boost button (better than that PR stunt KERS) then things should get exciting...

    • F1 has become a big bore. Pit stops rather than actual overtaking manoeuvres decide the winners. (one can say it was always that way!) I switched over to MotoGP a few years ago to get my dose of speed on the tube. But MotoGP is not for the weak hearted, the two heart stopping finishes between Rossi and Lorenzo have been nerve wracking to say the least if you are a fan of either one of them.

      p.s: Vettel fan first then Kimi :)

    • It has to be the Maccas mate always loved Coulthard, Hakkinen, Senna (my hero), Prost periods...and with hamilton coming in i'm crazy about them.

      But of course im going for jenson to win it this season. ;-) there's our common ground gone :-)

      but i do find drunk kimi hilarious. He told martin brundle on live tv that he just "had a good shit"

      BMW were never going to compete. they have the former sauber team

      back to footie, yeah the ego's in there are amazing. Sparky's hair is going to go greyer with robinho, adebayor, Elano, tevez,...good luck to him.

    • Ha! Risker, I'm an f1 fan as well although this season feels a bit strange.

      It's nice to see some new faces up front but it would have been nicer if it was not as a result of the double defuser crap. There is something wrong seeing the defending champ at the back of the grid (although they are starting to look better). It is also strange to see BMW in the back.

      I hope this weekend is not going to be all about qualifying like monaco.

      At the risk of blowing our common ground I am a Kimi fan first and Vettel second. You?

      As ti Citi, I will add to your list the fact that managing Rovers is one thing managing this Citi squad is an other.

    • U really will be pissed bad news becos Steve Bruce has just signed Cana for just 5m..

      Yeah I know it hurts.....

    • Ha!

      Its a self portrait naturally M.

      I totally see your point about the size of the players and it is a concern, on paper though the skill/talent of our offensive players is mouthwatering, we can only hope our passing and movement is enough to break through the more physically stronger sides, i reckon Bendtner is going to play a big part for us this season, just hope he is up to it.

      I, like most it seems would love to see someone physically strong in the middle of the park for us, watching Yaya Toure v Spurs tonight and he seems everything we could wish for, he ran through them like a knife through butter for the goal and is strong as an oxe when he needs to be it seems.I dont get to see the Spanish league games unfortunately (that really would be pushing it). Feck, Yaya and Fab in the middle seems a wonderful prospect, with a happy Brother playing along behind too. Tutt.

      Wenger should have signed him when he had the chance it seems.

      I dont know if Henry is available for the second half of this game, hope he makes an appearance and .........no he isnt playing, ah well, Spurs have been let off lightly, no Messi either.

    • 'Almost fell off your chair'
      Don't make me laugh. You squat don't you?
      You've got a good sense of humour, but you've gotta work on the reposte Ordy boy. Until then you'll never be a class act.
      Regards and Upu2.

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