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    It is one to sell ade off but to also sell a longterm member such as toure off is unthinkable. He has been one of the best defenders we have had in ages and his still relatively young. So why consider this? If this deal goes through I would seriously worry for our teams defence also verma is not even close to replacing toure of gallas yet

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    • No trickery or cleverness by Hugh's advisors there John, just plain common sense, good business and opportunity (the players were available and they wanted the money)
      . Once again as I have said recently, money blurs the fine lines of judgement here between the rarified air of high finance and just plain good old football sense for football's sake. If I had the deep pockets of an arab shiek available, then I might feel that if money's no object then eventually I am going to win.No? But will I keep wnning? No. Based on the probability of who's won what over the last twenty years. It could alter, yes, but in all probability No.

    • if eboue goes than we wold have no threads on the african cup.

    • There is no logic to that IMO. If it doesn't dilute anyone then why not add money to the club?

      It is myth that rights issues have to be dilutive. You can negotiate them in anyway you want. It could have been structured in such a way that the proportional ownership between the russian and the yank remained the same.

      All the yank had to do was put up his share of the money.

    • Or maybe it is just Hughes that isnt as stupid as people think.

      I have a feeling if it was left to Cook and the Skeiks they would still be trying to sign Kaka and offering ridiculous money for every "name" player in Europe. I wonder if how much influence Hughes has and whether he said "it is pointless trying to rule Europe if we arent even in the CL yet, so let's get proven PL players in order to crack the top-4, only then can we go for more".

      The thing is, are the players they are getting all that good? I dont think many of us are too dissapointed that Ade is gone, and I would imagine Utd fans will forget Tevez the moment anyone else scores three or four goals for them this season, which is all Tevez got last year. I cant see Santa Cruz, Adebayor and Tevez all playing together so will any of them be happy playing 2nd fiddle? Barry is a good player who I would have liked to see at Arsenal, but he is going to be 29 this season and certainly isnt going to get any better.

      This season will be interesting, no doubt about that. Are City getting players that will help them crack the top-4, or just getting cast-offs from the top-4?

    • Fair enough then

    • Hmmm, half serious and shuffling along like Mick Jagger on an 80s Stones 45.

      As for the not liking "fragile mined players" fair play! But i,m wondering where is this mine and cant we shore it up a bit?


    • Haha! It is true that it does seem contradictory. I for one don't believe we will sell Toure to City.

      In Ade we have lost an much more PL & CL tested, experienced player than we gained in Vermaelen. So net-net we have lost experience this summer.

      But you have been around long enough to know how we will be told that we actualy gained experience by getting Rosicky and Eduardo back :-)))

      So that's why we could loose Toure :-))) I'm half serious.

      Although I think Toure is better than Djourou there is something about him that makes me neutral on him. I don't like fragile mined players and I agree with AW that two players don't need to be the best of friends to work well together, yet Toure seemed not to be able to get past that in his poor relationship with Gallas and asked for a transfer.

      So I don't care if he goes but I do care I he does not get replaced with a hangeland or so.

      I tried (how did you like the Rosicky/Eduardo shuffle? )

    • Good point John. City may not be as stupid as everybody thinks

    • I agree with the point about not selling him to a close rival but for the life of me cant see why some seem so ready to offload Toure when all i hear is moaning about "lack of experiance" all last season.

      Do you honestly believe lads Toure is easily replaced and at a relatively low cost? What about the lack of experianced players constantly bemoaned about on this board?

      Can someone please explain to a sorry old meathead like myself how it is i cant wrap my head around these two seemingly opposing opinions suddenly being able to link up arm in arm and swan off up the aisle together whilst not raising an eyebrow amongst the church faithful?

    • Well spotted John
      Thing is taking ade was doing us a favor and taking tevez was i dont feel a great loss goal wise to man ure
      Loosing Barry has been a great loss to the Villa and whatever JT says I reckon he was considering the move and he would have been a loss to chelski
      as for KOLO i think we should do what Everton did about lescott tell them pay 30 million end of

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