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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jul 27, 2009 22:52 Flag

    Not Supporters Only Bloody Bookkeepers

    What was that about us all becoming accountants swerve?
    I've had a problem with this forums bloody obsession with Arsenals finances for a long time. I suspect some of them know so little about the game of football, and about Arsenal, that they want to sound informed, but only make themselves out to be the idiots they are, and who couldn't possibly know anything at all on the subject of Arsenals accounts. Unless of course they are writing the books. Their bullshit piles up so high on here I need bloody wings to stay above it. Get back to football FFS.

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    • I,m impressed!

      You spotted the humour!

    • I think ALL fans (not just reasonable ones) expect some reinvestment of the money earned from sales. That goes without saying. Where people differ is on whom the money should be spent and what those players are worth. That is the issue. Take Hangeland for example. He had an outstanding first four months in England but then dropped off quite a bit in the 2nd half. Is that a player new to English Football getting "found out" and going back to his normal level or just a blip in form? Was the 1st half the "norm" or the 2nd half? I have no idea but that is what the top managers get paid big money for, to make those kinds of judgement calls, the tough decisions, because let's face it, if the fans were managers we'd probably waste millions and millions every summer and get very little in return. Quite frankly I am glad the club don't listen to the players (i.e. Cesc) because the players generally have no clue either.

      There is also the judgement call to make on whether debt reduction is the first priority or spending on players. Of course as fans we would always say "spend on players" because we want instant gratification. But if the club have made debt reduction the first priority then that is a valid decision as well and will obviously affect how much of the money AW gets to spend.

      What I will agree with is that this season is the most important one for AW. Patience over his rebuilding is growing thin, and despite the fact that many of us completely agreed with his philosophy of developing from within, there must also be some tangible evidence of progression. That doesnt necessarilly mean trophies, just very real progress. Last year was a step back from the great progress made in 2007/08. That was hugely dissapointing and contributed to the fan reactions we saw last season. The club must make forward progress again and show that things are moving towards "something" or else many of those who support AW (I am a huge AW supporter) will begin to think that maybe, just maybe, the time has come to change directions.

    • "wether available or weather they are not available to Wenger is whether"


    • I would have liked Alonso for two main reasons:

      1 Cesc really wanted him
      2 He knows the PL

      But I don't think he is worth 30 million and I don't think Rafa would sell to us.

    • I too have been supporting Arsenal since the seventies (though you wouldnt guess it if you gazed upon my handsome face whilst ignoring my belly) and agree 100% with Paul.

      "we have NEVER had it so good"

      So smile, put a spring in your step and whistle "Arsene Wengers red and white army" to yourselves, your football life IS good you ungrateful buggers!

      On the box right now is Arsenal v Leicester, the last game of our glorious unbeaten season and i,m telling anyone who,ll listen, (which is probably nobody, i know) that whoever produced THAT team is LEGEND and a cut above all others.

      Dont despair we got Arsene there!

    • Of course the ideal scenario would be to make money AND win trophies. In the past four years that hasnt been the case. Lots of people go for the "speculate to accumulate" model and call for the club to spend money it doesnt have in order to win now. But of course the danger to that is that the money spent doesnt produce trophies and then where are we as a club? And others want a sugar-daddy but of course that is equally fraught with danger. When the sugar-daddy loses interest all you are left with is an unsustainable wage bill (Chelsea and City could NOT support their current wage bills or anywhere near).

      I personally support the way the club is running its business. Trophies would be nice but we have no divine right to win. Our record over the past decade or so is better than anyone other than Utd and we've seen some amazing players come through the club. I have been supporting Arsenal since the 70's and we've never had it so good.

      Long after the Skeiks and Roman Abramovich are gone we will still be around, winning games and challenging for trophies.

    • Some are quite informed and the figures are apparently there to be scrutinised.

      Bores me to bloody tears though.

    • LOL good one
      I was told i know nothing as i think all these far east tours are a waste of time as the opposition is very weak
      All they are is merchandising trips i think all the teams should me made to play at least 4/5 matches with local teams from lower divisions as without some of them the football league will die I think.
      People criticize Arsenal for playing Barnet but its a long term thing and some of our youth teams home matches are at under hill its a case of scratching each others back but it seems that is an unfashionable stance
      And far better to go on merchandising trips!!FFS
      I would much rather arsenal play Southend,Leyton Orient, Ipswich in the lead up to the Emirates cup than some yank side who are just cannon fodder