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  • lex lex Jul 28, 2009 17:12 Flag

    Not Supporters Only Bloody Bookkeepers

    sorry for wrong post but this is to paul as he understands these figures more than most

    Liverpool have put a 34 million price tag on Alonso (which i have to say i think is 20 million to much even in these overinflated times)
    But I noted that the owners have renegociated the debt for 12 months with a agreement to repay 60 million of the 350 they owe to RBS bringing that debt down to 280million
    I think they will have to sell a couple of players to get hold of that money as they already posted a loss of 42 million
    or have I read it wrong??? And does anyone feel it might be worth a punt for Alonso at the right price or do you all feel he is not what we need to add to our midfield?