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  • lex lex Jul 28, 2009 17:47 Flag

    Toure has been sold!!!???

    I agree rumors have been doing the round for over a year, it has also been reported that yaya thinks kolo would be stupid to join Man city.
    I do not like the idea of selling Kolo to them but I have to say i am not adversed to selling him and gallas come to that.

    Many on these Boards seem like very new supporters to me and dont recall standing in the Northbank on a cold winters day preying that wrighty would not score during the first half as there would be a second half of peering up towards the clock end watching the Arsenal defend.

    Mr Wenger was correct a couple or so seasons ago when he was reported to have said that if you feed fans caviar it is hard to go back to beans on toast.

    I love the Arsenal to win more than anything but I am happy that we are still in the top echelons of the league and for the most part making a challenge we have a very large debt we have been unfortunate in the fall of the property markets with our Highbury redevelopment
    we have a wonderful new football stadium ( although i was very very sad to leave highbury) we have a very well developed youth system and I truly feel that we have to be pragmatic I do not think the board have made our finances so bad we HAVE to be in the top 4 every year (yes its great and yes i love it that we are)
    I think that even a europa cup spot is better than nothing.
    If we look back we did NOT win the league between 1952 and 1970 18 long horrid years infact we did not win a bloody thing!!!

    I do not feel we shall go 18 years again but we might need to wait another couple before things that Wenger has planned come to fruition

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    • Although finacialy we might cope with missing the CL for one year (ot two?), I think the trickel on effect of loosing good players, not being able to attrackt new good players, makes it IMHO more difficult to isolate it to a one of event.