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    Valencia Match

    In a couple of days we play Valencia. Wenger had said he would tie up the remaining signings before this match. The Chamakh saga could drag into next summer but I would rather see Kalou instead of Chamakh. We know for sure what we get with Kalou's EPL experience.

    But our dire need is defensive reinforcements. We basically have the same defence as last season. With the unproven Vermaelen coming in for the experienced Toure. And should I add short defender being replaced by a shorter guy!

    And another quality DM would do our chances of winning something no harm either. Sigh....Seems like I am playing the same record again!! :P

    I strongly believe with our attacking options and players like Eduardo and Rosicky coming back, we will be a force to reckon with. If we manage to get our defensive act together, we can seriously challenge for the EPL title.

    Our frailties in defence is the only thing which might hold us back this season. And other than hoping our youngsters to grow older and play better, we haven't done much. Vermaelen apparently seems to be signed as a replacement for Toure. For Toure had given indications he was leaving. We still are two defensive players short and with Senderos on the verge of leaving us, we will be one CB lighter. (Not the best, but can do a job on his given day.)

    I am getting nervous even though there are close to 4 weeks left in the transfer window. Well, wont be the first time. So I can get back to living on hope and wishing that we are spared from injuries this season. I guess I might as well start wishing to get my numbers right in Euro Millions! (Similar chances of an injury free season at Arsenal as getting those 7 numbers right!! :P)

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    • well yeah i suppose if Everton are paying 6 million for senderos
      then 12 million looks ok
      I have nothing against wenger BTW.
      The only doubts i do have are about his seeming inability to replace the defence he inherited
      we have not to my mind replaced any of the five very well

    • Where are you pretending to live now dodgy?

      I see you've given up on the Australia bollocks since I ripped you a new one.

      By the times you post I'd say you were in the US.

      Just another loud mouthed yank who has never seen Arsenal play except on ESPN.

    • Where are you pretending to live now dodgy?

      I see you've given up on the Australia bollocks since I ripped you a new one.

      By the times you post I'd say you were in the US.

      Just another loud mouthed yank who has never seen Arsenal play except on ESPN.

    • Well 2-0 Valencia, and tbh, it highlighter our weakness of the back four.

      BUT whats the bet that Wenger says it wasnt too serious, and not much is needed?
      as much as i trust him, he seriously needs to think about the defense more than the 'one attacking one defensive' signings.
      THREE defensive signings will do me ! cover for RB, New CB like hangland, and decent cover for that position or DM

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      • Look Dayyzz I've no wish to continue being annoyed at your constant negative attitude toward AW and his decisions about our team. Just at least try to accept the things you cannot change. Unless of course you are a fully payed up member of the supporters club and have an invested interests in the Arsenal FC. Life wasn't meant to be easy for Arsenal supporters, I've learned to accept that over the years. You will to if you stick around long enough.

    • Liverpool or very close to doing a Leeds. So it doesn't seem a great model to follow.

    • Part of that I believe is being put in for higbury but not all and as I guessed previously I don't think Wenger will spend until the Jan window depending on a bad league position like the previous year!!!

    • I just do not get it. We apparently have money to spend and yet we are looking for players on the cheap. Is the money being used to pay off the Highbury flats fiasco? Look at Liverpool; the moment they lose a quality player they bring in someone good. Puzzling how our club works...

    • I hear we just had another bid rejected for Federico Fazio another young but tall CB ...I have no idea if he is any good....

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      • That's the puzzling aspect! When we make bids like these (if we do make them and they are not just agent ploys to get a quick buck for their wards!) we don't go for a better player for the fear of paying huge fees.

        Wenger's preference for a "Good" deal, which can also be read as a cheap deal is famous. But at a time, when we NEED Good defenders, I believe no stone should be left unturned when money for once is not an issue.

        Whoever Wenger chooses will be good if not great. But I hope the deal or deals happen before the start of the season. Everton away, then City and MU away are daunting tasks. Our attack is ready to give them a run for their money. But our defence doesn't inspire much confidence does it?

    • Damn! Forgot the real reason why I started this thread!! :D We play Valencia and I was thinking, if we get defensively exposed by the likes of Villa and Silva, it will be an early wake up call for Wenger.

      Never ever do I hope for Arsenal to fair badly. But an inconsequential pre season friendly defeat could spring Wenger into action, if he isn't planning to. The matches against Atletico Madrid and Rangers showed we have holes in our defence but with "only" one goal resulting out of the whole exercise, Wenger could get away with the excuse of us losing focus, while it is just a fact of our defenders not being up to the task.

      Heart says Arsenal should trash Valencia emphatically. Mind says a defeat (a trashing preferably) could actually be a blessing in disguise and help us achieve something more this season.

      I know that's controversial hoping for something like this happen. But I fear were something like this to happen in the league, it might be too late to react! It happened last year against Fulham, Stoke, Hull, Spurs, Villa where we lost or drew matches we should have won.We can't afford such slip ups again.