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  • lex lex Aug 8, 2009 13:55 Flag

    Valencia Match

    That is very true what you say John about the price.

    Martin Laursen was bought by Aston villa for only £3 million and look how there season fell away after he got injured..

    My inlaws all villa suporters are very conserned about Villas defence just as much as I myself am About Arsenal's.

    I saw in the paper yesterday and Teletext that Wenger was interested in making a 12million bid for hangeland that seems a bit to much money for him I think he did look fairly good but 12 million?
    Is it me cos i just feel that is an awful lot of money

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    • It's not just that Hangeland has premiership experience, and tough experience at that, as he does play for Fulham. He is 6' 5" and one thing AW has come out with recently is that when Kolo & Willie played together, we were short at that back.

      Johan is 6' 4" but has not provided enough evidence in my mind that we could go a whole season without another proven defender. Thomas V is only 6', so the likes of Drogba 6' 2", Carew 6' 4" and now Ade playing against us this year, are just three forwards who have not only ariel ability, but the strength to knock a lot of defenders off the ball easily.

      £12m does seem like a lot of money, but in what is another inflated priced season and with the money we got in from the sale of Ade, Kolo and Philipe we should be able to buy him easily.

    • Twelve million too much ?
      I suppose you could try weighing that against who he would be replacing Alex F. Too much talk is made of bringing in defensive players who we know little or nothing at all about accept that ' he looks decent. '
      AW's policy is obviously the right one. 'Better a devil you know, than one you don't', and I agree with that. Until, and if, it all turns out that AW was wrong, then you can all wail and moan and post the usual abuse here, which always looks and sounds so much better in hindsight.