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  • lex lex Aug 8, 2009 01:12 Flag

    We have a good side you naysayers....

    sagna gallas vermaelen clichy
    walcott cesc vela
    Is vela a midfielder?
    I agree with the starting defence I would not play RVP up on his own he gets to frustarated in that role and can pick up easy bookings
    sagna gallas vanmaelen clichy
    Song (sometimes) denilson when 442
    walcott Fabregas Arshavin Ebuoe (see below)
    Edwardo (sometimes alone) RVP

    while Nasri and Rosicky are out injured that make up my favored 5 man midfield i think

    I just cant belive how thin we look with those two out!!!!

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    • The only natural left forward/winger in our team is out on Traore and he might be let out on loan. Perhaps Wiltshere will the next best thing on the left wing. Rosicky and Nasri are just wasted on the left wing and we cannot afford to carry Nasri & Rosicky together - they are not exactly world class- are they? (irrespective of injury).

      We have not sorted out the left wing since Reyes and Pires left. Henry was also predominantly left sided forward...The right wing tends to be solid and more defensive whereas most of our offence tend to come from the left or centre.

      The right side has now become experimental in all aspect; not just the forward but now midfield and sometimes in defence.

      And Wenger still want to buy Chamakh??? And for 6 millions when Sunderland has already offered about £10 million. The guy winds me up with his unrealistic and cheating ways. I would have thought he might want to reward the French side for bringing up this guy!