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  • lex lex Aug 8, 2009 14:21 Flag

    Stadium V Team

    I may be quite wrong but I do feel we are suffering due to two things
    1) The Stadium debt and
    2) The highbury development fiasco

    Due to the unpredictability of the property markets and Fizmans decision to develop Highbury as a club as opposed to just selling the land with say full planing seems to be costing the club dear financially.

    Unlike some I do believe in what wenger is trying to do I feel that (2) has not helped

    I watched Barcelona rip Man U apart in the champions league final and the patterns of their play did to me seem very very familiar

    Also I am lead to believe that Barcelona do bring up the majority of their team and just sprinkle a few star players into the squad and I do believe this is what Wenger was hopeful of doing but Due to (2) he has not been able to have the funds which i think was an amount around £100 million.

    Although I can understand some of the criticism of Wenger, and have been guilty of a little myself, In the cold light of day can anybody think of another manager who could put together the team we have and keep it competitive (we have not been fighting relegation) with relatively little funding in today's transfer market.

    I saw a Man U fan wondering how and why Man U missed Arshavin he looks such a good player the few times I have seen him he looks like a steal at 12 million

    At the moment I am hopeful of getting a Mr P Viera back I do think the article I read in last Sunday's People made a modicum of sense, wenger to train him to take over as manager in the next couple of years while wenger himself becomes the dreaded director of football.

    I am also hopeing for a couple of centre backs as it seems senderos is going to Everton I do hope he does not come back and bite us on the bum AKA Martin keown sold and bought back by GG

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    • True the stadium and Highbury development turned out in the short term not to add anything to Wenger's transfer pot.

      But this summer Wenger is up 30 million. He has talented attacking options, but we are short in DM and CD everyone knows that. Fergie said Arsenal are imbalanced between defence and attack, he was and is right. There are no players ready to come through in those positions from the youth, therefore we buy them or watch Chelsea and Utd battle it out.

      I am not up for borrowing our way to victory like Real Madrid, this 30 million is current income.

    • We shouldn't have sold Matthew Upson either, but at the time he was being kept down the order and wanted first team action so you can't blame him.

      As for The Highbury Development. At the time the plans were drawn up, and the business model approved, there was no incling that the property market was going to drop through the floor. Special times require special measures. Even Utd have taken heed not to spend a load of money this year. Just plough money back into the club to protect it's longer term future as I doubt much is being taken out by the shareholders.