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  • Swerve Swerve Aug 13, 2009 06:03 Flag

    DEFINITIVE Wenger interview


    Get a load of this! He covers everything.

    The fact he could spend if he wanted to (are you listening FABONGRASS?)

    The fact he thinks that finishing 4th and paying of debt is great!

    The fact he thinks Bendtner is a "fantastic footballer".

    The fact he thinks Slayer is a complete c*nt.

    It's all here, have a listen.

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    • The Specials - good lad! I was there at Brixton in May and I'm also at Hammersmith in November - Tuesday the 24th!

      I tell you what - you ain't gonna be disappointed. The crowd is manic though - bouncers were having to spray the crowd down with water. I was absolutely drenched in sweat - pogo'ing all the way through.

      There's some good footage of the Brixton gigs on youtube - I was there on the 7th. Terry Hall was at the Emirates the night before when Utd dumped us out the CL - he was having a good gloat before launching into 'Too Much Too Young' - smarmy bastard!

    • Ha! You got no worries on the ale front.

      I dont recall saying people dont have a right to disagree with me.

      I have actually put myself out to stand up in favour of Swerve for example and he knows that on the whole i dont agree with his view at all and that is what peed me off more than anything when he referenced me originally on this thread.

      Me and him have had slanging matches in the past but i think he knows i understand him and that at the end of the day we both want Arsenal to win everything we possibly can.
      We just agree to dissagree on the whole now i think.

      Respect Derek.

      I am off to see the specials in November by the way, top band.

      Oh and my pic at the moment is of Tony Cascarino, A dig at Chris posting an article slating Arsenal written by that...ahem.......Legend?

    • No hard feelings - and if we do ever meet for a pint, you ain't getting a pint of Chas n' Dave style Courage Best, okay!?

      Do me a favour though... please don't say that us mere amateur mortals aren't entitled to an opinion though? We're all entitled to an opinion, even if it ain't necessarily right or we don't agree with it. I've heard that crap from the likes of plastics like Slayer too many times...

      Sermon over.

    • Derek i have no idea when i am going to be there but i may well take you up on that beer when i do.

      I,ll tell you this, fair enough, i DO act a muppet on these boards and i'm NOT surprised i get flak. But i try and do it with a sense of humour if you ask me.

      I wont deny for one minute that i'm not the worlds most loyal Arsenal fan with regards to attending matches, but i have followed them through thick and thin since the age of 4 and they ARE in my blood whether you would agree or not.

      If you did have the pleasure of meeting me for a beer i can assure you, you,ll be left in NO doubt as to what class i come from thats for sure.

      I havent got a problem with anyone on these boards as far as i'm concerned, but i will defend my corner if i have shite aimed in my direction.

      No hard feelings from my end Derek.

    • Flab... you're sounding defeated already!!!

      Feck me, me old mucker!!! Come on ya little bleeder, put a smile on ya face, guv!!!

      Simple - you let me know when you're next at The Arsenal, and I'll meet you at the pub of your choice. You're kosher, and I'll apologise for my cruel, cynical behaviour, and I'll buy you a pint or two.

      If you ain't a cockney, you might get a light-hearted lecture about being a condescending twat, but that's as far as it goes.

      Blimey guv, ain't that a deal for ya, eh?!?!

    • Whats it to you?

    • It's not that pub, no...

      But that's not what I'm asking you - where do you drink when you go to The Arsenal.

      Do you have a regularly where you meet your mates? What are there names again - Bozzer, Ginger, and Fat Bob or something wasn't it?!?!

      Anyway - I digress - where do you drink when you go to the games?

    • I may well of drunk there when i went to see the Emirates cup a couple of weeks ago If you were standing with your back to Holloway Tube its on the right entrance i used was around the corner, Piers Morgan was dropped off across the road while i was standing outside.

      Not that i give a bollox.

    • F*ck me!!!!!

      It's literally just 60 seconds from Holloway station and it's right on the corner from the main road and opposite the road that you go down to get to the Emirates!!!!

      Jesus Christ!!! You really aren't doing very well are, you?!?! You sure you want to continue???

      The pub is called Phibbers! You need to show your membership card sometimes to get in!

      Where do you drink then when you go and watch The Arsenal?

    • Did i just see a little head pop out of Dereks ass?

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