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  • ian s ian s Aug 27, 2009 17:21 Flag

    how does wenger walk in a straight line ?

    how does this idiot not see something that everyone else DOES see ?

    he makes himself look an idiot. he will be known for many things. a good manager. lots of foreigners in his squad (too many), but most of all he will be known for the only man in the world to watch a football match and not see the major turning points of the match that everyone else does see.

    the bloke is rather sad and no better than the cheats he defends.

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    • They dont cheat at Arsenal dont you know, Eduardo is the first ever . . .

      Eboue, Henry and Pires were all figments of our imagination!

      It could be argued Wenger brought this to our country, Klinsman may have a case, but its mostly been the foreign contingent at Arsenal with the bad rep.