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    I hope UEFA make an example of him!
    After what happened to him with his injury you would have thought that he would show the game more respect.
    Instead he's gone the way of others like Ronaldo,Drogba,etc.
    Maybe if he's not punished then our youngsters will start copying cretins like him!
    Why does he have to resort to doing this kind of s**t? Ars*hole!!

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    • If you're referring to me then you might want to try something more relevant to my actual name, Tony. John has a brilliant one, very witty, if you like rapists wit.

    • I've never disputed he dived either. Find one place where I said he didnt dive. The moment the referee gave the penalty the other night, even before the replays, I said "that looks a soft penalty". Eduardo didnt even appeal for the penalty. But the referee gave it instantly. If you are going to be mad at anyone, be mad at the referee for giving the penalty, or be mad at Boruc for committing a suicide dash. All Eduardo did is what most strikers, if not ALL strikers would have done in that situation, tap the ball past the onrushing keeper and jump over the anticipated contact, making sure to twist the body slightly in the air so that the legs moved close to the body of the defender, ensuring that the referee sees what looks like contact. That was how I was taught to do it when I was 10 years old. It was an average dive as far as that genre goes. Go onto youtube, look up great dives, and you will see some crackers.

      Since you are having trouble with this, I will say again that diving is done by most players, especially strikers, especially in the penalty area. For most strikers it is instinctual.

      What I am trying to say is that calling for bans to be given for diving opens up a dangerous can of worms in which bureaucrats sitting around a TV decide on "intent" and make decisions from the comfort from their chairs, rather than on the field, in the middle of things, in real-time. Considering how much people go on about UEFA and the people who run it, it seems strange that suddenly everyone wants them to be handing out bans to players all over the place for cases where TV evidence is completely inconclusive.

      Does that make diving "right"? No. No more than it makes any other form of trying to bend the rules to your advantage right. But it happens and for you to yell and scream and call Eduardo a cheat ignores what just about every striker in the world does on a regular basis, and what just about any sportsman will try to do regularly in order to win matches.

      Intent is a dangerous thing to try and prove by video. Once again on youtube you can find videos of "Ronaldo Dives" and in most of them he is flailing his arms in the air, rolling around and hamming it up all over. But the thing is, in a lot of them there seems to be an actual foul committed on him. But even where a clear foul is committed, you can still see clearly that Ronaldo "dives" as well in order to embellish and convince the referee. And as I said, not one TV angle has shown conclusively that Eduardo was not touched by Boruc.

      There have been some great divers in football through the years. It is no surprise that the best are also the ones with the quickest feet who also tend to be fouled the most. I have no problem with telling referees to come down hard on what they see as excessive acting. That is fine. But I do not believe in any circumstance that UEFA should start banning people based on what they see as "intent", and I will stand by that opinion no matter who is doing the diving. Your over-reaction to all this, and the over-reactions of people like Slayer and others when it is Utd players doing the diving, show how dangerous a path that is.

    • cwissy is always right, aren't you cwissy,he has to be right or he throws a hissy fit....

    • You're funny!

      Oh well - I'm sure you're right... you enjoy it now! : )

    • That was a lot of mumbo-jumbo Paul. I did chuckle to myself when you called his dive an 'average example' though. I think you're on the wind up. Have you noticed how no one is disputing the fact that he dived? Maybe you should go have a think about that, take all afternoon if you like, you'll get there.

    • Ha ha, talk about doing a good job convincing yourself of something. You have managed to convince yourself that an average example of an attacker trying to win a penalty is somehow the worst example of diving ever and should result in a ban and should lead to Eduardo being shamed everywhere!!! And that there are different levels of cheating, and that some cheating is fine but others should lead to players being banned, even if they have zero effect on the outcome of a match, while other "minor" examples of cheating might lead to a match being won or lost. But no, diving is bad and other forms of cheating are fine because you say they are.

      My gosh, not one of the TV replays even prove that there was no contact. Even the Scottish commentators said "well, there may have been minimal contact, but not much" but of course contact is contact.

      Now you want Eduardo to be banned because you "think" he dived. And of course we all know he dived, just as we know Babel dived in the CL Quarter Finals two years ago and we know countless other players dived to win penalties or free-kicks. But TV replays are not 100% conclusive so what percentage proof becomes conclusive for a ban to be given? And what happens when TV gets it wrong and we ban someone for a dive when actually the foul was real? Will you still be so glad you campaigned for banning when Rooney gets banned even though a foul was committed and a penalty should have been given?

      Leave it to the referee. Give referees more power if you want. Fine. But leave it to them. Use TV for "black and white" decisions not for "intent" decisions.

    • That would be true for the most part Vlad, but Eduardos dive left no room for doubt did it, so at least we can eradicate dirty cheaters like him from ruining the game. They wont even dare try.

    • LOL. I think you've done a spectacular job convincing yourself of that, you really believe that dont you, or maybe its some deep seated denial. I suppose we should start taking throw-ins from the exact spot the ball went out, we'll need some extra cameras, an extra official, and the game will have to be stopped for 5 minutes so we can make sure the players feet are in the correct position, not a millimetre out. And thats just so no one 'cheats' at throw ins!

      Listen to yourself, there are minor discrepancies, its natural and doesnt really effect the game if Almunia takes his goal kick from one metre behind the 6 yard box, but cheating the way Eduardo did? Come on Paul.

    • Being objective isn't your thing, is it derek. Thats ok, your response is more of a knee jerk reaction, and its the easy, obvious option.

      Eduardo is a cheater (hes dived before too), and now he is going to rightly get punished, I can't see whats wrong with this picture. You're just bitter that they decided to act when it was one of yours that got caught. Maybe they were waiting for the first team to hit 1000 dives, just to make it fair.

      Arsenal 1000
      Eboue 850
      Liverpool/United/Chelsea etc 400

      There was only going to be one winner.

    • Mate, I am on your side on this one. Leave it to the referee. Use TV for goals only (as they do in Rugby League, the perfect example of how to use TV technology).

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