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  • ian s ian s Aug 28, 2009 21:39 Flag


    ok, so the guy had his leg broke. so wouldn't it make sense for him to jump or lift his legs out of or over the challange ? Instead he chose to leave his leg dragging behind and then after no contact whatsoever make the most of his fall to the floor in the box.

    think about it, would he of or did he do the same when he was getting tackled in other parts of the pitch ? I don't think so.

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    • Oh theres no disputing it fella, he's a dirty cheat and a poor role model for all the watching kids, because there is NO DOUBT about it.

      That is why it is so important to punish him severely, because there would have been a number of 11 year old arsenal fans (from this board?!) impersonating him in their back yard today. Its a good thing that its arsenal, collectively they are the worst and have been for many years. They're the media darlings too, so its a victory for football.