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  • Risker Risker Sep 2, 2009 03:04 Flag

    Should we take Spurs seriously?

    They seem to be very good in the window (Krancjar is class) and they're looking unstopable FOR THE MOMENT. But will it last?

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    • We should be taking every team seriously! that has been half of our problem for the last few years.

    • Redknapp is a very good man manager, he knows how to motivate his players and get them fighting for one another. He's thrived at clubs where that kind of management is enough to raise their level, but he can only take clubs so far. You need more than that at the very top level, Spurs should have kept faith with Martin Jol, he was building a squad with ambitions to break the top four and stay there, and they sent him packing as soon as he had a few bad results. Redknapp will keep them comfortably in the top 10, but I don't think he can take them further.

    • I can see them finishing 4th. They have some great players and Redknap can get the best out of them.

    • I think in all honesty the biggest question mark over old Harry is will he go to pieces if someone waves a potatoe peeler at him??

      Only kidding!

      No...Seriously the biggest question mark is if he can kick up a gear and compete with "the big boys" in the top comps. After all is said and done he has not yet had the chance at a club with these aspirations and Spurs without doubt are doing all they can to break into the top tier again.

      Is Harry capable of steering them to their goal?

      Harry has signed some quality players but are they TOP class players?

      I spoke to my brother of the yiddish faith last night and he seemed a happy bunny they had signed Krancjar yesterday.

      Roll on Oct 31st! May it be ANOTHER FANTASTIC slice of footballing entertainment and may WE ultimately prove to be domininant, naturally!

    • They are looking better than they have for years no doubt and have a strong squad too, so why should they not do well?

      I believe its a huge season for old Harry, his first major shot at a "big" club, which Spurs are, even if their recent history has not been too successful.

      This season looks to be the most competitive for years at the top and its going to be very interesting to see who ends up where in the end, i dont believe Spurs will win this season, at a push top four perhaps.

      I wonder how bad Harry would have to be for those in charge to deem him not up to the standard of the club and sack him by the way? Not that i'm saying they will, on the contrary i think he is doing exceedingly well right now, but if they started to slip, how far before he would be no more?

      Once again they have spent a LOT of money under their "new" manager.

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      • I wouldn't bet on them finishing anywhere but mid table. Even then they are not a good bet using your money, never mind mine. You cant make a silk purse from a sows ear, and Harry trying to put WHam style football into a team like Tottenham is a none starter. They always start well, so whats new? So do others, but they soon fall away with their inconsistency. Now if you were talking Chelsea, thats a completely different matter. I'd have the rent, wife, and car on them this season. Better get in while the odds are still good.