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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 3, 2009 05:39 Flag

    Should we take Spurs seriously?

    I'm a bit distrusting of how civilised this is!

    As a Spurs fan, I don't want to comment on whether you should take us seriously or how well we'll do, but a few points:

    1) the amount of money we've spent. This is a bit of a gripe for me, as it's constantly pointed out, and every time we spend a lot but that's not due to investment, it's due to our management inconsistency - for the last 3 or 4 years we've spent a lot but we've also made a lot in paper sales, we've make pretty impressive profits in that time too.

    (that one bugs mes, I couldn't let it lie!)

    2) We always start well but are inconsistent - not true. As Harry "2 points in 8 games" Redknapp will tell you, we had a shocking start last year, but built on it. While our form dipped at one point (as every team does), we were largely consistent after that, and picked ourselves up fairly well after bad results. I think you were thinking of the year before that, where we fell asleep after the Carling Cup, but that wasn't so much starting well as endling badly, and was the exception not the rule to our seasons - we got 5th the year before after a good push at the end of the season helped us get from 10/11th to 5th, and the year before that we finished strongly except for Lasagnegate.

    3) Interesting point about the Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool games - you think it'll take 3 wins and 1 or 2 draws out of 6 games for us to be in with a chance of top 4? I'm not challenging that, just curious. Last year I think we got 8 points from them, so turning one of those draws into a win shouldn't - in theory - be that much of an advance for us, I'm not exactly confident about MU's trip to the Lane in a couple of weeks (particularly with Modric, Woodgate, and possibly both of King and Dawson being out of action for it), I reckon getting results from them will be our real test; we've outplayed them a few times over the last few years and still lost, that'll be the challenge.

    Nice to see sensible discussion going on, thank you!

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