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  • lex lex Nov 17, 2009 19:55 Flag

    Should we be glad he's staying?

    He is far better NOW than anything Spuds have.

    He seems to be much happier within himself now that arrogant twit Ade has departed.

    He is only quite young and seems to do well enough when playing for his country (Denmark).

    I think he is still far from the finished article some of his decision making and runs are at time a little puzzling this is I fee due to his young age but he is strong and seems very willing to learn.

    And frankly we gave alialedare 3-4 years as he was injured quite bit so I think we should give bendtner the same amount of time as he will be I think a much better player than alialedare ( not sure of the spelling of his name and never have been)