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  • iain iain Sep 13, 2009 07:59 Flag

    i shake my head at most of you

    anyone who thought or thinks arsenal will do anything with the current squad are living in wonderland. i am completely bamboozled by anyone who thinks that arsenal have a chance of doing $hiT#$ this year.

    we were 4th last year by some 18 points or so. the year before that we were 3rd by 4 points. so that means last year we were 14 points further away from 1st place. we were also 15 points worse off in the table.

    this year we've sold toure and ade, and bought vermaelen. so arguably we've simply replaced like for like at the back, and lost one of our goalscorers (though i was well and truly glad to see the back of him). we haven't added anything else from last year. no DM, no cover in CD, no ball winners, no hard men, nothing.

    the players who were at arsenal last year are 1 year older. that's it. not more mature, better footballers, more ready for the title push etc etc etc. just a year older. they weren't good enough last year, so why on earth does anyone think they'll be anywhere near good enough this year?

    we'll always have our days where we get an early goal, teams come and out chase the game and we murder them. we go 1-0 down, forget it.

    yesterday's game was a perfect demonstration of AW cluelessness at times. diaby wide left?? bendtnder wide right?? RVP as the central target man?? our 3 front players all playing roles designed to bring out the worst in them. that then filters down through to fabregas etc and you get that crap first half effort.

    then you have almunia in goal. has there been a goal this year where he wasn't at fault? crap crap and more crap.

    i know i won't eat my words because i am not insane. the mark of insanity is doing the same thing again and again again and expecting different results. putting the same below-par players out for arsenal again i'm beginning to think AW is going mad and followers who believe we'll do anything with our current squad are equally so.

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    • fabongrass it was standard fu%$^ing liege mate. the belgian league. anyone who's half decent from belgium leaves, anyone who's half decent in the world makes a living in leagues other than the belgian league.

      yeah nice comeback but we should bloody well come back against standard liege. the win tonight means absolutely sweet fa in the context of this thread and the context of this season's outlook.

    • I used to teach P.E. whenever Arsenal lost I would always put on an Arsenal top the day after the match. The kids soon understood my message. Harmony in defeat as well as victory. Hackney school majority gooners.

      We all know the squad till Christmas lets get behind them for now. You never know Wenger may buy a couple of Christmas presents to cheer everyone up.

    • Ha! that almost brought tears to my eyes you funny F*cker!

      I know the feeling.

      F*ckin wine.

    • Half-cut but rocking on!

    • Its the first time i have read this thread and i haven't read it all but in general, F*ck me the glory hunting lets lick some manky ass and hide when Arsenal win "Support" are full of their usual bollox i see.

      No doubt because we won tonight we wont hear a thing but if we had lost they would be all over the board.

      Seems to me that while you lot like refering to yesteryear you are seemingly forgetting that clubs like Chelsea and now Man City waving their wads have changed the game completely.

      Talk about hiding in the wings waiting to jump on the teams back at the slightest hurdle.

      You lot are a JOKE and should look up the word "support" in the dictionary.

      If you honestly believe we played badly and deserved to lose in either of the Manchester games then i suggest you go find another team and offer your "support" because its Shite.


    • again, it's a pointless argument to compare us with liverpool or fergie in his formative years. appels and oranges. if you want to start a comparison thread then start one up by all means.

      btw this is directed at no-one and anyone, not the person i'm replying to.

      we have gone from a lcub that won trophy after trophy - yes under AW i'm happy to say - between 1996 and 2005. then due to AW's policies - and more difficult economic times - we have gone from undefeated champions to struggling for 4th and 18 points off the top.

      we have lost almost our entire squad from the invincibles - a squad filled with stars - and replaced them with kids. the kids have not proven good enough and yet we have done nothing about it so that we slip further and further behind each year.

      we are told money is available yet year in year out we don't spend it, we get weaker, we fall further behind and our football on the pitch stays exactly the same.

      i don't care what other clubs are doing. i am dumbfounded that arsenal have fallen so far so quickly and it is our own fault and it is us who does nothing to change it when the entire world can see what needs changing.

    • You are right

      arsenal not going to win anything if we still have aw as a manager. Arsenal really need to change.

    • Oops, sorry - yes. I was getting mixed up with the longest gap when Fergie didn't win anything, which was his first 42 months. Rafa hasn't won anything for 63 months.

    • You may correct me here Eric but you suggest it took Fergie 3 and a half years to win the league whereas didn't it take him double that ie between 86 and 93?

    • I am sick and tired of the general negative sh*t on this site. Yes we have many problems in defence and loads of injuries.

      But a lot of people support teams in alot more sh*t. To be honest too many Arsenal supporters are disappointed glory hunters. Lets be honest in financial terms we are underdogs to City, Utd and Chelsea. Fact.

      I believe Arsenal can come away with silverware this season. But if we don't I am not gonna throw my toys out of my pram.

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      • Andy, one vital keyword which stands out in your post is the word "support".

        Sadly, the so-called hardcore Arsenal fans on this board are actually gloryhunting moaners not supporters - there's a big difference between the two.

        Reading the rubbish on this thread and in others over the last few days, you would be forgiven to think that you're on the Pompey web page.

      • Andy, we're not other clubs.

        We're The Arsenal - one of the top 3 most successful clubs in England, and club that has the 3rd highest value in the world behind Utd and Real.

        Do you want to compare us to Villa, or to Everton?

        Do you think that Utd or Liverpool fans would also be happy at a perennial 4th place, and not winning anything for 5 years?

        Nobody's throwing their toys out of the pram, they're just concerned.

        Perhaps if you're happy winning nothing, then you should chose another club and be comfortable in mediocrity.

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