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  • I saw the match from the 55th min onwards and I must say with the game see-sawing so much any spur player going off cud be a massive risk. Once lennon started walking back I was really puzzled as well how he was walking normally and not wanting to come back?

    Surely he must know Walcott will be ahead of him in the pecking order so if he does not show Capello he deserves his spot by playing well for his club then what's the point? :S

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    • Completely agree with you. Walcott has only played two games one of ehich he scored straight away and the other he looked very good beofre coming off. He should know that playing matches will only improve his situation.

      What I also find abit silly is the way he was reacting angrily and showing disrespect. The last time I saw a top four player act crazy was Rooney for being subbed, Terry when they lost to Villa, Gallas last season(he then lost his captaincy). I mean we all know Van has a very bad temp, but even he hasnt shown any of that towards Wenger even when he got red and wenger was shouting at him during the sunderland or one of the seffeild teams game the season they got depromoted.

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      • think u are being very harsh on lennnon.
        yes u are obviously biased but i dont know how u can say walcott will start ahead of lennon for england.
        ask most neutrals who they prefer lennon or walcott & i bet the majority say lennon.
        hes been great this season for us.

        also u say any top 4 team would bench him, are u serious?
        the higher up u go the more power the players have.
        if lampard, rooney, gerrard or terry thru a fit for there club , they would still play the next game.

        how many games was gallas dropped for after his tantrum?

        also i think its refreshing to see a player actually care about england & not put their club 1st for once.
        i wish it was like the old days when it was an honour to play for your country.

        players pulling out of internations regularly & then they bk ready & roaring to go for their club 3 days later.