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  • I was watching MOTD just purely to see the Blackburn thrashing and Spuds losing. While watching the yids lose I was also mystified by Lennons reactions. I initially thought that the player was acting angrily because he was being allowed to play because of the injury. However reading todays papers and Harry's comments I am shocked.

    How can a player refuse to play because he is more worried about International duty. I recognise he has broken into the squad but actions like this can only make him lower in the eyes of his current manager and cappello.

    Very poor attitude and team spirit. If he was able to carry on then carry on if his injury was that serious then I am sure Harry wouldnt risk it. After he is his player. Players such as Terry, lampard, Rooney, Gerrard and even Walcott would have to be dragged off the pitch when playing for their clubs and take every opportunity to play for their clubs as well.

    This reminds me of Bentley dare I say. First he refused to listen to Wenger, then he refused to listen to Ramos and refused to play for the U21 england team for seniour duties. Now look where he is.

    I know Harry is desperate and will most likely lick Lennons Ar"se because he has been one of their best players, but we all know if that was any other top four manager STRAIGHT TO BENCH OR RESERVES!!!

    I wonder what the spuds make of this..................

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    • In comparing Theo to Aaron, I would simply say this:-

      Theo is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzV2s58P1rU

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      • 1st of all how is he harder & stronger when hes constantly injured.
        one of theos criticisms is he needs to be more stronger & physical.

        fenerbache are hardly a top team, ac milan are nothing like there early 90s team, liverpool can fall apart anytime.

        u failed to mention him scoring against chelsea at wembley.

        im not trying to say theo is rubbish or anything but he still has so much to prove.

        also neither of us have got any right to say who capello will pick, we would just be guessing.

        lennon we bought from leeds for 1m rising to 2m.
        i would say a bargin buy.

        yes we have made some poor buys but then who hasnt.

        i watched theo closely against man utd in champs league & it just seemed to me the occasion was to big for him.
        just my opinion.

    • I saw the match from the 55th min onwards and I must say with the game see-sawing so much any spur player going off cud be a massive risk. Once lennon started walking back I was really puzzled as well how he was walking normally and not wanting to come back?

      Surely he must know Walcott will be ahead of him in the pecking order so if he does not show Capello he deserves his spot by playing well for his club then what's the point? :S

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      • Completely agree with you. Walcott has only played two games one of ehich he scored straight away and the other he looked very good beofre coming off. He should know that playing matches will only improve his situation.

        What I also find abit silly is the way he was reacting angrily and showing disrespect. The last time I saw a top four player act crazy was Rooney for being subbed, Terry when they lost to Villa, Gallas last season(he then lost his captaincy). I mean we all know Van has a very bad temp, but even he hasnt shown any of that towards Wenger even when he got red and wenger was shouting at him during the sunderland or one of the seffeild teams game the season they got depromoted.

    • Personally , it's great to say England have two flying wingers, lets hope they are both fit for the world cup come next summer, they'd both privide a real threat to "ANY" of the international teams out there, yes at the moment Lennon's on fire, but Theo on his day can destroy teams (ask AC Milian, or Croatia) ...and I'm a spurs fan ..bring on the summer...but ...bring on saturday first ..enjoy north London brothers!!!

    • Like I said before, if he is injured then fair p[lay if not then his a twat! Also I said I manager would never risk his players, so maybe you shoul;d look at harry for trying to play him, he defo needs to get his head checked if he is willing to let an injured player play.

    • I have to say I am mystified as to how this boy get into the England team
      He cannot put a proper decent cross over AKA Beckham
      not any of the so called beckham substitutes are good enough that is why cappello will most likely take beckham to South Africa
      IMHO 40 mins of a slow beckham is worth 90 of either Wright Phillips or Lennon
      And walcott seems very fragile to me which is quite sad as we paid 12 million for him I believe

    • i dont get it?
      unless u mean bent but then he finished our top scorer so i dont think he was a flop.
      a lot of spurs fans didnt like him because he isnt the most pleasing on the eye but i liked him because he scored goals regularly.

      so it was short,sweet & straight to the point.
      but the point is incorrect so carry on admiring fabon

    • Hay he was injured which is not his fault. And by the way most fans would also recognise that the croatia game away was very imporatnt and was a make or break. if england were to lose that game I am preety sure we would be seeing the current team and form.

      Yeh Lennon was cheap as he came through the academy, but walcot went to the world cup wothout kicking a single ball, he surpassed more experienced players such as bentley and lennon to make it to the team, he still surpassed both these and S.wright phillips to the englands rm position.

      You say he hasnt scored agisnt big teams, Fenerbache CL, first english team to beat them at home also scored a really good goal and also assisted. AC Milan away completely ripped milan aprt and again proved his talent and assissting capabilities just like the both Prem and Cl agaisnt Liverpool. Single handedly took on the whole team.

      Came from injury the other day and scored straight away. Lennon is good but we all know Walcott once fit will replace him on the england bench.

      I am not doubting his talent or skill I was questioning his attitude. also regarding who has been more value for money yeh Lennon obviously but do we need to talk about the other utter shite and useless buys spurs have made.... I DONT THINK SO!!!

    • Didn't missus Harry get rated higher? LOL, that Redknapp always cracks moi up!

    • well the fact that lennon missed yesterdays game & is definitly missing the derby match proves he was right not to play on.

    • Or sell them to Sunderland.

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