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  • I was watching MOTD just purely to see the Blackburn thrashing and Spuds losing. While watching the yids lose I was also mystified by Lennons reactions. I initially thought that the player was acting angrily because he was being allowed to play because of the injury. However reading todays papers and Harry's comments I am shocked.

    How can a player refuse to play because he is more worried about International duty. I recognise he has broken into the squad but actions like this can only make him lower in the eyes of his current manager and cappello.

    Very poor attitude and team spirit. If he was able to carry on then carry on if his injury was that serious then I am sure Harry wouldnt risk it. After he is his player. Players such as Terry, lampard, Rooney, Gerrard and even Walcott would have to be dragged off the pitch when playing for their clubs and take every opportunity to play for their clubs as well.

    This reminds me of Bentley dare I say. First he refused to listen to Wenger, then he refused to listen to Ramos and refused to play for the U21 england team for seniour duties. Now look where he is.

    I know Harry is desperate and will most likely lick Lennons Ar"se because he has been one of their best players, but we all know if that was any other top four manager STRAIGHT TO BENCH OR RESERVES!!!

    I wonder what the spuds make of this..................

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