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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 31, 2009 23:52 Flag

    The British football question

    Erm....nah mate.

    1. Personally i dont give a damn where they herald from, it would be nice if they were English but if we cant find players of our own nation good enough for the MIGHTY Arsenal, so be it.

    2. Cant produce a Brady type player?? Keep your eyes peeled for a certain little terrier going by the name of Jack Wilshere Greg.

    The future is bright.

    The future is RED AND WHITE!

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    • fab

      I hope they do come through, just a concern looking at the top 4 investing abroad rather than really develop talent right through to actually playing regular premier league/champions league football, looking at the Liverpool academy is shocking they haven't produced a decent young player since gerrard broke through , surely gonna have effect our national team over the next few years .....hope Im wrong though ....Liverpool had two shocking sendings off today ..lol poor ref ...