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  • sonromain sonromain Nov 1, 2009 02:20 Flag

    The British football question

    Arsenal produces plenty of british talent, they simply don't end up playing with us as they usually don't meet our very high standards or don't have the right attitude.

    Right now, there is Upson, Sidwell, Cashley Cole, Bentley, O'hara (I think was in the Arsenal accademy before going to the yids) playing in the premiership and I am missing a lot of them....From memory a large portion of the reading team that was in the premiership was made of former Arsenal trainee...

    The other people posting here have mentioned the amount of players now in our ranks from Brittain so Arsenal is definitively contributing to the development of local talents...

    The thing is that hte media have simply decided to ignore this and concentrate on the first team which is a narrow view of what Arsenal is producing on a larger scale....

    As a matter of fact, only 2 years ago a study showed that Arsenal was the second team in the premiership to produce birtish talents just behind Middelsborough at the time... Bottom of the class where Liverpool and Chelsea if I remember well but I might be wrong here.... Again the media have decided to take Man U as the prime example but looking at facts there are no so many Brits coming out of their ranks either...Just one wonder generation and that's it really

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    • You bought Upson from Luton, he stayed 6 years and made 35 appearances - took you a long time to decide he didn't meet your "very high standards".

      Bentley made just one appearance, so obviously didn't meet your "very high standards" yet was good enough for England.

      This topic has been discussed before. You don't really want to compare the British players United has produced and playing in the leagues against those by Arsenal as you are on a hiding to nothing.

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      • A bit like you lot V Liverpool then.

      • It was unfortunate for Upson. He did make the grade, but just as we needed him and there was a space for him to play, he broke his leg. This was on top of a few seasons out through other injuries.

        During this time, we bought Campbell and also Toure. Matthew was again surplus to requirements, although in his final season he did start in 22 games for us.

        I for one was sorry to see him go.

      • OK - I was wrong about Upson but it does not deviate from the main topic which is Arsenal is producing British players...

        Bentley is a moron and everyone knows it which is a shame as he is really talented, and it's not because he left us that I am saying this... you know there are plenty players who have had one cap and who are not top players...Franny Jeffers has one cap too afterall.

        I am not going to iscuss the Man U players vs Arsenal one as I simply don't know enough of your players to make a proper judgement on this but once again, it does not mean that Arsenal does not produce British players.

        I just find the medias are not telling the whole truth when it comes to this topic ....Afterall, the scousers are producing very little british talents and don't have many brits in their squad either but funnily enough they are never mentionned when it comes to debate this topic