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  • Readie Readie Nov 2, 2009 17:44 Flag

    The British football question

    Not at all Gregory. Not one of King, Jenas, Huddlestone, Bentley, Bale and Crouch would get anywhere near the Arsenal first team. All of them were shown up to be extremely average on Saturday and if you're happy to have them in your squad so the British quota of players is high then fair play to you.

    With players like these you will ALWAYS be in our shadow I'm afraid.

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    • Yes I agree we were very average on saturday,in fact very poor
      .... not sure Bendtner is better than crouch, but thats a different question I guess , Im not talking about quota's Im talking about the future of the english team considering, the lack on young players making it big in the premier league from the top 4 ....Readie, what you should remember about shadows is they are temporary ...anyhow fair result saturday ..most unlike derby game Ive seen in years ...